Full Stack Software Developer

Job Description

The Myth of the Full-stack Developer
Some people say a full-stack developer is someone who is willing to have a go at everything,  others 
just consider them as generalists with the benefit of a lot of experience. Maybe  you have  a broad 
range of skills or maybe you just have a vision that you want to share.  

You will integrate a highly  agile  team  split  across  Romania  and  France  using  the  best  software  practices  (Quality-first, Continuous Delivery, Pair-programming, Software Craftsmanship). Like the web browser of a famous search engine, we deliver a new version of the product every 15 days to our customers.
Within a feature team, you will take part in all the phases of the development: from the requirements 
to  the  delivery  of  the  new  feature  to  the  customers.  

The  developments  are  done  mainly  in  Java, HTML5 and Adobe Flex with a NoSQL base developed by the team.

We challenge you to:
•  Contribute to the strategic decisions on the new features and the technical choices.
•  Imagine, design and develop new features from A to Z as a team.
•  Brainstorm to imagine a solution to a customer problem
•  Prototype a possible solution when needed
•  Make sketches of the User Interface
•  Write and evaluate User Stories
•  Design and develop code and automated tests
•  Improve and sharpen the tools we use every day to develop and tests.

Skills you will need:
•  Deep knowledge of an object-oriented development language (Java, C#, Scala)
•  Good knowledge of Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, Cookies, HTTP, TCP, sockets, 
•  Interest for software development best practices: (A)TDD, Pair programming, continuous 
integration & co.
•  Good mood and strong personality
•  Passion to design elegant solution to complex problems
•  Ability to work in a team, to interact efficiently with other people.
•  Ability to speak and write in English

ONLY the eligible candidates will be considered!