Senior Project Manager

Job Description

 Ensures the quality of the project deliverables and controls the project;

• Adheres to and controls the usage of and compliance to the company’s established project management methodologies and software development standards;

• Identifies all project activities, creates the work breakdown structure and plans the needed project staff;

• Calculates and manages the project required budget and reports on the costs to the department manager and project sponsor;

• Outlines the project’s deliverables, phases, milestones; creates and maintains up-to-date a project plan;

• Identifies the project risks, their chance of occurring and the applicable measures in case the event occurs;

• Establishes the working plan of each project phase (analysis of business needs, creation of technical documentation, developing the solution, testing the created solution, implementation, user’s acceptance test).

• Selects the needed staff; communicates with the managers of all targeted departments and negotiates the involvement of their team members in the project.

• Maintains the required project documentation in both paper and electronic forms


- University degree, preferably in computer science;

- IT and project management proficiency; knowledge of MS Project;

- At least 5 years of working experience managing project related to IT;

- Project Management Certifications (optional ITIL, COBIT);

- Strong knowledge of English;

- Organizational, management and leadership capabilities;

- Management skills (team, budget, projects);

- Responsible, accountable and adaptable personality;

- Self-motivator, cooperative, good team player, flexible and creative;

- Good organizational and problem solving skills;