SW Delivery Manager

Job Description

Job Description:

Leads the software development of our client's Network Management Systems. This includes planning, leading the tasks, making sure timelines and quality are met and coordinates activities with all interfaces. Managing a team of developers or managing specific projects with different teams is also required.

Job Requirements:


·         BSc/BA Computer Science or equivalent

·         Excellent Java knowledge of at least 4 years of experience as Java software engineer

·         At least 3 years of experience managing Java team/s

·         Proven experience of OO software design and multithreading programming

·         Proven experience in SQL and relational DB concepts

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Highly motivated and willing to work as a team player


·         Experience with Network Management Systems

·         Experience with J2EE application servers (JBoss is preferred)

·         Experience with Spring environment

·         Experience with JPA and Hibernate technologies

·         Experience with PostgreSQL / Oracle DB

·         Experience with JUnit testing and continues integration environments

·         Familiarity with Maven

·         Experience of working in multi-site projects

·         Experience of working in a scrum / agile project

We are looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, capable of self-learning and working in a challenging environment, which are highly motivated and willing to work as team players.