Pricing Analyst

Job Description


  • Support on defining and driving to group-wide standards, guidelines and tools
  • Gather and collate data to support pricing models and strategies
  • Developing, regularly review and support (solution managers) on pricing methods and models
  • Develop and recommend pricing strategies, price position and price corridors based on a combination of cost plus, value-based, and competitive pricing
  • Challenge solution management and operational pricing for large price deviations between recommendations and prices
  • Support in managing the pricing community across regions, facilitate best-practice sharing & drive regional units (via roadmaps) to best-practice standards
  • Reduce cross-regional arbitrage opportunities by ensuring availability of cross-regional price comparisons



  • German
  • information
  • persuasiveness
  • product management
  • self-confidence
  • willingness to travel
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Customer Insight
  • Market Insight
  • Chief Market Officer
  • Sales
  • Marketing



  • Engineering / Development & Construction
  • Energy / Nuclear Energy
  • Production and Processing of Raw Materials
  • Power Generation, Water Supply and Utilities


Required skills

  • University degree in statistics, business information technologies or other relevant
  • Strong experience in price modelling, mechanisms, predictive modelling favourably from consumer industries
  • Experience with cross-regional collaboration and project management
  • Highly developed analytical skills coupled with good communication skills
  • Experience in product management, sales and bringing new solutions into market
  • Good portion of self-confidence and persuasiveness as well as social attitude
  • Fluency in English is a prerequisite, good command of German is an asset
  • High willingness to travel


Candidates must have

  • International experience
  • Business Administration background
  • very strong analytical skills
  • profound work experience in pricing from other industries ( consumer goods, B2B, complex products)
  • open personality, not too introvert


Candidates nice to have

  • background in product management / product development


Language Requirements

  • English (Fluent)
  • German (Fluent)


Additional information

The department acts as the central hub for driving an insight driven Business in the CMO (Chief

Market Officer). It develops insight excellence across regions, elevates the role of insights and embeds it in the decision process by supporting all development stages (from identification to delivery) of new solutions , aligning cross-regional and regional segmentation methodology to facilitate launch of solutions, generating new cross-regional insights and leveraging local insights.

Customer and Market Insights strongly interacts with all other marketing functions across the CMO, innovation, solution management and the insight functions in all regions and global units.