Job Description


Assist in the Implementation of strategies that help the company to meet its marketing/sales objectives.


  • Develop and improve the workflow process to increase the efficiency of the marketing and productivity.
  • Review various marketing materials and make recommended edits.
  • Produce campaign analytics reports as required
  • Help to set up Key performance indicators and monitor the results and reporting.
  • Assist the development, writing, and communication of Marketing plans, promotional recaps, creative briefs, project recommendation and presentations.
  • Ensure that marketing materials are reviewed for branding and adhere to the branding guidelines
  • Assist in the preparation of annual marketing budgets and monitoring the actuals.
  • Assist with writing and editing of promotional literature, newsletters, direct marketing and internet marketing projects.
  • Participate effectively in multi-disciplinary Marketing and Communications team to communicate, coordinate, and integrate Marketing and Communications, and apply best practices to all the efforts.
  • Develop opportunities to add additional value to other department initiatives including Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing etc.
  • Participate in regular strategy meetings and develop new programs and initiatives that are designed to further the company’s mission.
  • Assist in researching and evaluating new product opportunities, demand for potential products, and customer needs and insights.
  • Analyze Marketing and competitive data and consolidates findings to support Marketing strategy development.
  • Participate in sales training sessions that are designed to inform and teach sales and other staff in the company about marketing activities and initiatives.
  • Supervise and maintain Marketing plans, programs, and initiatives that are strategic to the business and clients.
  • Collaborate with other team members to identify opportunities to develop leads.
  • Help in managing the distribution channels for products including study of alternate distribution.
  • Assist in ensuring effective, branded marketing communications including the company website, electronic and print communication, and advertising.
  • Assist in managing media and marketing staff and external PR agencies.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of all marketing efforts including strategies, campaigns and results achieved.





·         Bachelor Degree in Economics, marketing or business administration.

·         Minimum 3 years experience in the marketing department of a bank or insurance company.

·         Good knowledge of both spoken and written English

·         Strong communication (spoken and written), sales and presentation skills

·         A creative approach

·         Digital marketing experience is a plus

·         Tech savy

·         Experience in delivering the content, running campaigns and related marketing actions for the sales team.

·         Drive, motivation and initiative

·         The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines

·         Attention to details

·         Ability to lead adapt to changes.