Job Description

Job responsibilities

  1. Work very closely with Founder and CTO, from time to time, to stay aligned towards the product stages for product UI/ UX designs;
  2. Work very closely with Core team to understand desired UI/ UX layouts of the product;
  3. Periodical strategic and operational review with Founder, CTO and Core team to review adherence between desired and actual levels, and take necessary measures to bridge the gaps;
  4. Create and re-create UI/ UX designs of the overall product and apps associated with the product;
  5. Foresee challenges in creation of UI/ UX designs for product in terms of technology updates or competition within the industry;
  6. Create process and design documents that can be used as ready reckoners by team and reduce training time for new recruits;
  7. Create succession planning for first and second line, for inculcating accountability within the system.
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Anasuya Vijayan
+91 44 42198750 / 51 / 52