Process Manager

Job Description

Our client is an international oil and gas engineering group operating within two market segments:

1.Process furnaces for refining, petrochemicals and hydrogen production.

2.Natural-gas treatment.

Job Objective: studying, implement and optimize production methods and production management;


-Devise Production ranges of products;

-Devise Streams fabrication, system tracking them, finding inconsistencies, analyzing the causes and propose remedial measures;

- Prepare procedures, technologies that should be followed for each manufacturing and construction file is;Technical assistance in this regard;

-Planning service provides technical elements necessary to establish charges of fabrication work and planning;

- Optimize means of implementation, the organization of work;

- Develop, implement and maintain effective production methods and working standards, respecting the principles of motion economy

- Devise and produced tools for tracking and analyzing production and manufacture of products manages times. Find innovative solutions that shorten production time.

- Analyze efficiency workshops to discover problems during the production process and propose solutions.



- Master the specific tools to help him design and management of projects (ex. GPAO, PERT ...;

- Ability to comply with production targets;

- Feel (Capacity) developed (high) organization and observation;

- Ability to listen, to change; good teacher;

- Capacity of analysis and synthesis;



- Higher education technical-profile (engineer in production control).

- Advanced Knowledge of English - spoken and written; and knowledge of French is an advantage.

- Experience from 3 ÷ 5 years in a department production methods or an Process Eng.

- Availability relocation - job located in Buzau


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Ecaterina Chelu
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