Job Description

We are looking for CORPORATE COMMUNICATION MANAGER for our client which services in islamic financial services sector globally.

The ideal candidate is expected to have minimum 9 years of experience in the related area and will be directly reporting to the AGM and GM.


  • To contribute to the determination of corporate communication and promotion plans, policies and budgets as part of institution policies and to execute and/or give personnel directions to execute the actions necessary to enable in-house and external communication
  • To plan every promotional and public relations activities aimed at introducing the institution to public, maintaining the corporate identity and image studies; to submit this plan to senior management for approval; to execute and follow the studies in line with the plan approved by the senior management
  • To prepare proposals for the selection of institutions to perform promotional activities and submit these proposals to senior management for approval; to evaluate the offers submitted by agencies; and to make the necessary contracts with selected advertising agencies and corporate communications firms
  • To apply the approved promotion programs; to monitor their application; to direct the agencies worked with; to interfere and solve the deviations and malfunctions that may occur; and to report the application results to senior management
  • To follow and evaluate the impacts of promotional activities on public; to define the extent of reaching to the target audience; to be in coordination with relevant units for the suitability of the advertisement for its purpose; to get market researches from research companies and determine the situation when necessary and to take necessary action in line with the situation
  • To organize polls aimed at the internal structure for our promotional activities and to take opinions from personnel about the activities and evaluate them; to enable necessary coordination for the promotional activities within the internal structure and exchange ideas; and to evaluate requests and find solutions
  • To enable that the critics from within and out of the institution about the promotional activities are evaluated and answered in written upon approval when necessary
  • To review the institution's promotional policy, strategy and tactics by following the domestic and foreign innovations in promotion; to offer suggestions to Senior Management on this when necessary
  • To work with an authorized institution for the design and printing of every promotional material bearing the emblem and logo of the institution to be appropriate for the corporate identity
  • To manage media relations for the announcement of services and events of the institution to public; to follow and compile the news on media and report them to senior management; to transfer the news on printed media to Internet, if seen appropriate; to meet media demands like interviews, news, questions, etc.
  • To conduct every organization of the institution aimed at external structure (meetings, dinner events, cocktails, celebrations, seminars, etc.); if there is a public relations firm worked with in this regard, to be in coordination with this firm
  • To conduct every meeting, dinner event, seminar, cocktail and social activity (travels, theater /concert, etc.) organization aimed at institution employees in coordination the Human Resources Department; to make reservations for accommodation and transportation necessary for these organizations
  • To enable necessary coordination for the social and cultural events sponsored by the institution
  • To enable that internal communication tools are developed and featured to strengthen and increase communication between institution employees
  • To organize and coordinate the promotional activities on new openings, transfers and restorations (cocktails, press releases, customer letters, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • To evaluate and approve the brochure orders of the institution units ; to enable that the Corporate Communications and Promotion Department personnel deliver the orders
  • To enable that reports on the activities of the Department are prepared and to submit them to senior management
  • To constantly follow the professional and technical development and performances of personnel working under the Department; to enable that necessary training programs, courses and seminars are organized to contribute to the development and performance of these personnel
  • To sponsor a social event to be identified with the institution in line with the strategy plan of the institution
  • To enable that advertisements are featured as desired and in line with the Press Advertising Institution Regulation and other regulations
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Seda Yuce Tutun
+90 212 222 3331