5 Reasons People Leave Your Business


And this is in order of priority.

As search consultants, we are always talking to our market’s top performers and high achievers -a key part of our role is to get people to consider leaving their current employer to move to work for our clients business.

As such, we need to have a deep understanding of the motivation for a person to leave the role they are in. We need to be sure there is a positive reason why they would leave their current job, it’s not just about dangling a carrot, whatever that carrot is. We have to get under the skin of the job they are in and understand what is pushing them away from the job they are doing!

So here is the list, in order of what will motivate someone to leave their job.

  1. Reporting Relationship:

    This is the most powerful push factor, if a person doesn’t get on with their boss or with someone else they have to report to in carrying out their duties then they will not be very happy at all. This is by far the easiest person to entice away, just imagine it, if you had a poor relationship with your boss, there’s little or no trust, you feel you always being watched, micromanaged, you feel you are undervalued in the team. Need I go on! Now you don’t have to be best friends and actually its often when there is a friendship that the working relationship suffers most but there must be mutual respect, trust and honesty.

  2. Work Content and Challenge: 

    After reporting relationship people like to feel they are achieving something, that what they do counts, that it makes a difference, that their contribution is important to the business. As well as this top performers like to be stretched and tested. The number one answer I get when I ask what a person wants to see in their next job is ‘a challenge’. I know it sounds cliché, but there it is, this IS what people want.

  3. Advancement:

    When you bring someone into your business you need a job to be done, you need the person to be putting a few years into the job, especially if it’s a critical role; you have to invest time in training and getting the person experienced so their contribution is what you need it to be. Mostly people understand this but you must have one eye on their future needs, because you can be sure they do. Where will the job take them, what next, is there a natural growth in the role to take on more ownership and responsibility etc. This is one reason why you might be better off getting someone stepping up into the role as opposed to side stepping.

  4. Peer group and the environment:

    Peer group speaks for itself really, if you don’t get on with the people you work with then you are not going to be happy, but it’s not the biggest consideration and so many people can put up with working a team that has an amount of friction. The environment includes the people you work with but also the physical environment as well, travel, commute, how much time is spent working away from home, etc

  5. Last and normally least, Money:

    Well I expect you’re not surprised that money isn’t the biggest push factor, but perhaps it’s a little surprising that is 5th on this list and to be honest, over the last few years with more people seeing wages frozen, bonuses not being paid, benefits reduced, then it IS high on a lot of peoples mind right now.

    However for most of the last few years the money motivator has been offset by the ‘better the devil you know’ argument. That argument has less impact recently but while money is still a motivator, it is the easiest one to deal with; the counter offer! Well money is only number 5 on the list and part of not providing pay rises over the last few years is that this has left people feeling undervalued and taken for granted, and that plays straight at the highest motivator.

Of course, these are also the reasons people will want to join your business and stay. However as I mentioned the push motivation is always greater than the pull!

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  1. This is exactly true, this topic shall be deeply understood for every HR team in any business, but sometime they was forget this, until they got lose their best asset in their business, yes They have leaved by their best people finally. so lets start now to get understand this matter totally and get approval from the top management.

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