5 top interview tips from Antal Warrington


Well there isn’t any exact science when it comes down to interviewing but you can stack the percentages in your favour by following these simple tips.

Tip #1

Dress well, now I don’t mean Mickey Mouse Ties and bright red and green socks I mean clean tidy business suit, plain shirt / blouse and a matching tie and follow this simple rule a little bird once told me; 1 plain and 2 stripe or 1 stripe and 2 plain.

Tip #2

Make sure you prepare well, its no surprise that the candidates who prepare the best get the best jobs, its a fact and its something that there can be no excuse for. The internet has been around long enough to ensure that there is information about the company and sector you’re working in so instead of watching the soaps, get busy reading and researching.

Tip #3

Have plenty of questions written down for the inevitable “do you have any questions” bit. It will happen and you know it will so make sure your ready for it. This bit is so easy and you generate the questions from your preparation time and you can ask questions that you already know the answer to, the point is to engage with the interviewer.

Tip #4

Use the STAR method for delivering your answers to the questions you are asked. Now many of you will have heard of this and its a common thing. The beauty of this is it allows you to elaborate in context and it opens the door for further questions about the topic you have chosen to respond with. This is the best way of minimising the amount of questions that you just “don’t know” so here is a recap:

Situation: The position I was in.
Task: What I was asked to do while in that situation
Action: What I did after I was asked to do what I was doing in the situation
Result: What we was all left with. Andy Bounds the trainer describes this as ‘afters’

Tip #5


If you’re going to be late then it would probably best to rearrange the whole thing. A minute here and there I guess isn’t going to kill you or the interviewer but it may be the difference between to equally matched candidates and its just not worth the risk.