Antal Working With MWR on New Las Vegas MOON Resort

( Image credit: Marca Studio Inc / Moon World Resorts Inc 2019 )

Antal client Moon World Resorts have announced MOON, “the next giant leap for Hospitality, Entertainment, Technology and Attraction Tourism”, as part of the reinvention of the famed Las Vegas strip.

We’re honored to be working with MWR on a truly innovative project, which is estimated to deliver an additional 10 million annual tourists to Las Vegas during its inaugural year.

The MOON sphere will be an impressive 650 feet (198 meters) in diameter, comprising of 4000 luxury hotel suites and will feature a multitude of facilities and entertainment offerings.

This collaboration was made possible by Antal Managing Partner Salvatore Fernandez and MWR’s Chairman Michael Henderson and CEO Sandra Matthews, with the vision of supporting Moon World Resorts’ (MWR) long term plans of expanding into markets across the globe, from the Americas, Europe, MENA and Asia Pacific regions – well matched with Antal’s international reach and global network.

Incredibly, Salvatore has previously met with the very man who had been instrumental for our love and fascination of space – Neil Armstrong. The first man on the moon stayed at the Bellevue Palace (Bern, Switzerland) in the early 70’s where Salvatore had been working at the time, who was gracious enough to let Salvatore hold a small piece of the moon he had in possession.

It comes full circle with Salvatore orchestrating the partnership with Moon World Resorts as an official staffing supplier, who together can hope to provide what MWR is describing as an authentic visit to the Lunar surface and “an amazing opportunity for everyone to enjoy an affordable Space Tourism adventure”.

Expect more information to be available on MWR’s official website as the project gets under way.

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