Does your recruiter do their job?

A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice and consulted on areas of specialism. But how good does it hold in the case of recruitment?

Look at the irony of the situation; we evaluate our own employees on them achieving targets, KRA’s and a lot more. However, we are apprehensive of evaluating the quality standards of the consultants we eventually work with. In many ways, Recruitment consultants find themselves in a unique situation. Their objective has become registering profiles, adopting that can be best described as a lottery method of recruiting. They leave it to organizations to evaluate the best fit from the lot and hope for a closure that would eventually lead to revenue and recognition. If this is the recruitment model that you have adopted with your recruitment consultant, then I am here to tell you “Why you should fire your recruitment consultant”

Consultants are supposed to do their job. At the outset, have they qualified the requirement completely with the functional head? This is the foundation zone; most HR Managers and Consultants fail here. Never allow just your HR department to coordinate the details of the role with your consultant. Be magnanimous & allow the functional head to speak to the consultant. The consultant must be know why the requirement has been raised, what the consequences are if the role is not filled quickly, the degree of urgency to fill this role, key items to qualify the prospective against and the competitors he must look at. As well as the type of people who best fit your organization’s culture, why your company is unique in the market, your plans for expansion over the next year. It’s also a good idea to clarify the interview process, whom are they going to meet at the interview & the expectation in terms of timelines: how soon should the consultant turn around with ideal profiles. If your consultant is not asking you these details, Fire them!

Test their sources. Are they overtly dependent on popular job portals? Job portals are a cluster of individuals who are actively looking for opportunities. You may fall under a risk of having individuals who are prepared to be interviewed, designed to structure their conversations to please and also considering a host of other opportunities simultaneously. Ask your consultant: ‘How well do you understand this sector/ this function, how strong are your references within this sector / industry. Where do the best references come from, what are your sources?’

Allow them to describe the benefits of their service and how they can help you & how their sources are not just 1 fold, but multifold. Speak to your consultant about the alternate sources they consider when working on a critical requirement. If the answers do not go beyond the portals, Fire Them!

Ask them about their recruitment strategy. Discuss it with them. If your consultant comes with the capability of building a plan that is customized for this mandate, ask him to explain the plan to you. Discuss the timelines involved. How soon can he turn around with suitable profiles, how does he evaluate the best from the rest, will he include a recommendation or a section containing consultant notes on why they believe that the profile is suitable for the organization? Demand this out of them. As a prospective employer, you have the right and the responsibility to know why the individual is motivated to consider an opportunity with your organization. If he is not motivated enough, you are just losing time on hiring the wrong individual. Exchange Commitments. Does your consultant have a backup strategy in mind? What if your A1 applicant drops out, could you risk the time? Educate your consultant on why he should recommend no more than 5 profiles for any mandate. If he does go beyond 5 profiles, either you have not educated him well about the mandate or he has not comprehended the expectations well. If they do not come with this capability, Fire Them!

Expect them to be meticulous about their work. Right from the first step of qualifying the role with you to the stage of handing the offer communication process, they are to survey the entire recruitment process. Expect them to assist with briefing both you and the prospective in the agenda of the discussion at the stage of every interview. Seek their assistance in communicating your thoughts to the candidate and vice versa. If your consultant does not come with great communication skills, Fire Them!

Professional Consultants are a cult, they are successful not merely because they do their work well, but the necessary support is provided to them by organizations. The more you share, the more you gain. Great consultants come with the ability to take on the mandate head on and deliver excellent results for you. They have the capacity to provide you a “great experience” in recruiting.  Partner with them!

Karthik GB is a Leadership Consultant specializing in the sector of Industrial Engineering. Organizations across this sector confide with him when it comes to hiring the right talent for the Mid-Senior level of hiring.

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