Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

Tony Goodwin with the award

Another recognition that reaffirms Tony Goodwin efforts.

The Founder & CEO of Antal International just won the prestigious award “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Recruiter Awards ceremony 2016. He was nominated last year in the same category, but was this time when he raised the trophy for his significant impact on the recruitment industry in terms of creativity, sustainability and profitability.

An award that Antal International is certainly proud of for the important recognition for the hard work and the impact that Tony has in the recruitment industry, in one of the most important events in the community.

The award for Entrepreneur of the year was the last one to be announced in the evening. The Founder & CEO of Antal International was competing for the price with well-known and highly regarded peers from the industry. The competition was indeed fierce and business practices, professionalism and ethics of the highest standard were the main criteria measured when deciding on the ultimate winner.

According to Recruiter.com: “Tony Impressed the Judges with his consistent innovation over more than two decades. They praised his highly ethical approach to building and maintaining the business brand and also that of the recruitment industry”

You can see the moment when Tony Goodwin was called as the winner as “Entrepreneur of the Year” here.

During the evening the attendants had the opportunity to enjoy an elegant networking and a marvellous dinner which was followed by the awards, which were presented by Romesh Ranganathan. Click here to see more.

Antal International was founded more than 20 years ago and has become one of the most successful privately owned international recruitment company and globally recognised for the impressive range of sector-experienced industry leaders and traditional recruiters in more than 130 offices in 30+ countries. Offering also the opportunity to entrepreneurs or self started professionals to build and develop their own recruitment business as and Antal franchise.