Hiring managers beware of…the urgency trap


I felt today that I should just write a quick note to help all those hiring managers that have to hire quickly and feel under immense pressure to get the job done. Now it may seem that the most sensible approach is to get all systems running and get the vacancy out to as many agents as possible, the benefits of this are:

The market will quickly learn of your need.
The active seeker will apply (probably to all agents).
Keep the fee level low.
The downsides to this are many, lets look in to this in a little more detail.

Skilled agents will view this as a low priority CV race.
Less skilled agents will grab what they see as low hanging fruit and get involved.
Active candidates will get called from multiple agencies.
Less skilled candidates will have their expectations falsely raised by desperate agents looking for a different CV’s to send.
The client will have a large number of inappropriate profiles sent to them in the hope that one will stick.
Potentially good candidates will not be briefed or qualified well at the start of the process which leads to a high degree of drop out as the process continues.
and more…..
So how do you combat these issues in the face of an urgent requirement?

The best way is to remain calm and to take a look at what you are trying to achieve. Look for an agent who knows their market and the recruitment process fully enough to qualify the role correctly and in depth, a clue here is an agent who is happy to take the role and join the race will not be asking a lot of your time as they need to get looking whereas an agent who knows what they are doing will want more information on the role, the company and the hiring manager. Technical and cultural information to ensure the correct fit and prevent early drop off’s.

So if you’re desperate, don’t work with an agent who is as this will not provide the solution you’re looking for.

The best advice is:

Take a calm view and make a delivery plan, this must take account of hiring managers availability, holidays etc
Work with an agent who knows their stuff, are they asking all the relevant questions of you and are they thorough?
Agree a solution which is win win in nature, a value proposition.
Have realistic expectations to fill time.
Set milestones in place to ensure delivery.
Always use a benchmark CV profile early in the process to assess accuracy of the search.
Follow the 30 steps of recruitment and DO NOT miss a single step.
Enjoy the ride but don’t sit back! engage with the recruiter from the start.
Welcome your new hire on board with open arms.
Just a brief note but one which I hope helps to shed a little light in to avoiding the urgency trap.

Lee Narraway
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