How to motivate yourself

1We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves each new day – of course it comes easier to people who really love their jobs and enjoy their daily activities, but even then sometimes we have trouble and hard days. Failures and setbacks may throw us off, factors we can’t influence or plan with. The best example for strong will and not giving up is – of course – Steve Jobs. In 1985, he was fired from the very company he had built – only to return bigger and better than ever before.

So what techniques we can apply to get motivated?

Advice #1 – Change the way you think

In the rush of daily (business) life we often get stuck in a common pattern – we are too occupied with thinking in the negative. Whether it’s defining what we do not want for us or simply thinking about the worst possible outcome of our action – it’s not the right direction or attitude. The focus should be on what you want to achieve – where you want to be and not where you don’t want to be. Always plan with a positive attitude, but a realistic one – of course there can be problems, but it does not have to be the way. You’ll find that when you change your way of thinking, your surroundings will also change towards the positive and affect the results.

Advice #2 – Focus your focus

Having a huge to-do-list in front of you already is half the deal – it means that you have set out goals for you. You may even have prioritized and defined what needs to be done urgently. This is very important, as focusing on too many things at once can also be distracting. You free your mind by “focusing your focus” – meaning you channel your core focus on the core item in front of you. Do not divide your focus.

Advice #3 – Marvel

Have you noticed that your mind doesn’t quite observe or appreciate the little things anymore? Things, when they become routine, lose their novelty and their exciting ingredient after a while – but only because we let them. Let your mind marvel at things once in a while – whether it’s simply the birds singing, the sun rising or activity that is connected to your job and that you used to love. Be aware of your surroundings and make this a daily task.

Advice #4 – Set your goal “in stone”

A goal or target becomes much more real when you’re applying a technique – now everyone’s technique here of course is different. Some people like to visualize the result and take a meditative approach whereas others literally write the goal down on a piece of paper. It may take you a while to find the right way for you – but it is worth it, because in the end, you’ll find yourself motivated – and closer than ever to reaching your goals.