Is recruiting a contractor the right solution for your business?


Technology advancements coupled with years of under-investment are driving business change, delivering growth and innovation across multiple sectors and prompting the need for additional IT talent.

According to the April 2015′ edition of Antal Global Snapshot, the IT sector in Europe is one of the markets where the demand for skilled labour is increasing . Whilst good news for industry in general this can also affect the ability for companies to hire the right candidates with the right skills.

Increased strain in finding permanent employees with the right skills is one reason IT CONTRACTORS will play a very large part in companies hiring strategies for 2015.

Companies use contractors when they have tight deadlines, need extra specialised skills and resources for projects, are unable to get budget approval for the hire or permanent hires. Contract and also Interim consultants are also bought in by companies at periods of change and restructuring.

Also along with the shortage of specialised permanent employees, recruiting times scales are increasing and a contractor can really be a beneficial resource during this period, allowing you time to find the right candidate, not just the available candidate !

Contract recruitment is a very cost effective way of hiring the skilled people you need for the length of the project you need them for. This will not let you compromise on the quality you need either. A specialist contractor with C#, .Net, Java, SAP, Oracle, , Project Management and so on and so forth, have the experience in working to tight budgets with tight schedules, but many clients do not know where or how to find them.

Common objections

  • But it costs too much:

What would the cost be to your business and effect on your projects and timescales if you don’t have the dedicated skills that you need. Projects fall behind, perm employees work overtime and they are then stretched which can also have a negative impact on team morale. Whilst you may be searching for that right perm employee the contract resource can keep projects going, keep momentum and also possibly freeing up your time .

  • But they take the knowledge with them and we like to keep it in house:

Yes they do take the knowledge with them but as they have worked solidly on a particular project / system, they can transfer their knowledge to a permanent employee and they can also return at an ad hoc basis to update to continue the projects.

How can we help ?

Having expertise knowledge of the Contract market and all the associated legalities, Antal Networks have a solid track record of finding the best contractor for clients within in short time frames and in budget.

Most recently we have seen an increase in the need for .Net Developers, BI Stack, Business Analysts and also Change management and Project management consultants

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your current and future projects, where you think a contract solution would tick the box for you.

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Penny Simpson
Managing Partner
Antal International Network