Meet Imo Etuk – Managing Partner in Croydon


Imo Etuk, Antal International Managing Partner

“Look at each day as a new opportunity to be your very best”


Set high goals, be honest, never say no, and work with people who share you passion for doing their best.


Imo Etuk learnt this, one of the most important lessons of his live, at an early stage of his career from his first boss and most important mentor. He has always remembered that advice and tries to live it every day.

His motivation: challenges. Which he overcomes through leadership, communication, influential and management skills to make things happen.

Imo has more than 20 years of experience in banking, he is the Managing Partner for Antal International office in Croydon, and he is equally the Managing Directo/CEO of Globla JIIK Associates Limited.

His desire to work for himself and being his own boss, among other factors, pushed him to take the decision to open a franchise. According to him, Antal makes things happen, shown on the giant stride made globally and still growing. And considering the booming on the recruitment industry, Antal’s good network and Imo’s areas of coverage of EMEA and Asia for Banking and Financial Service, the choice was simple.

Even with a difficult and competitive market, his genuine interest and reliability makes him consistent helping clients and candidates build capacities across their respective institutions and disciplines.

From his point of view, the recruitment market evolves at the same time as everyday’s technology. It is a fact that today more than 97% of job seekers searches their new career opportunities over the internet, and recruiters should take advantage of these media and proactively search for candidates. But the lack of this technology and digital media to reach those clients and candidates is an important issue to consider as well as the skill shortage in the industry and the more and more difficult task of retaining top talents.

The Antal International Croydon team have extensive knowledge and experience within the following industries –Banking and Finance, Accountancy and Audit, Risk Management, Internal Control and Compliance/AML/KYC Recruitment among others.

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