Regional spotlight: Italian Jobs

Simon Kent from The Global Recruiter discusses the recruitment view from Italy with Antal’s Vincenzo Trabacca

The recruitment market within Italy does not appear to be a dynamic one, yet there is potential for increased business in the sector and perhaps even an increased appreciation of the recruiter’s role. According to the Vincenzo Trabacca, Managing Director of Antal Italy, based in Milan, the global  financial crisis has seen a number of small scale recruiters forced to shut up shop or sometimes band together, giving themselves increased protection through increased size. At the same time, he notes, specialisation has been key to survival.

“Big companies such as ourselves needed to become more specialised,” he says. “In teh last few years many clients have decided to do recruitment for tehmselves, sometimes through social networks and through LinkedIn. The work that comes to the recruitment agencies is only the really urgent work or if there are confidential placements to be made – they need to hire a director or there is restructuring taking place that requires new talent.”

Alongside this, recruiters tend to have an international remit in the country. Multi-nationals, based in countries where recruiters have more acceptance as part of the process, will more readily come to Italian recruiters to find the talent they require for local branches or operations. Trabacca’s own location in Northern Italy is quite a strategic one for international business so he finds many organisations are looking for mission critical talent who can hit the ground running in their region.

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