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Should you quit your job?


Obviously in my role within recruitment this is a common question that many of my friends and associates ask me.

I always answer with the same response:

NO well not yet anyway.

  • Take some time to think about how you feel and write a list
  • Look at the black and white elements of your thoughts but more importantly list the ‘grey’ elements that are maybe not so obvious, the things that make the days and hours pass happily or the reasons for the gloom you may feel.
  • Following this have a think about what the common causes are, is it you! by leaving and joining another company are you just moving the problem?
  • And the most important part, think about how you feel on a good day AND a bad day as you may just have the Monday blues.

Changing jobs is not something to take lightly, you spend a whole lot of time at work and it has to be something you enjoy as much as possible after all the secret to not working is finding a job you love.

If you’re speaking to a recruiter then make sure they earn their money by talking in detail about how the potential job will benefit you and your family, what’s in it for you and the employer??

What is the potential culture like and how will I fit in to it as there is nothing worse than starting a job and having huge regret.

I left one of my jobs after 18 years, it hurt….a lot. This was to be expected really as having been in one place for 18 years I was never going to have the same relationship with a new company so make sure you think in context about the future and the role you may be looking at.

When I look back it was absolutely the right thing for me to do but I shouldn’t have been surprised that I had regrets at the time, its natural to an extent but can be mitigated by taking the time to think.

Good luck and if you need help making that decision then give me a call.

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