Tips for your second interview

Winding up with a second interview can be exciting, but very daunting. Prepare yourself with these useful ‘don’ts!’

Don’t be surprised if it takes place off site:

There’s every possibility you’ll be taken off site so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to leave your coat on!

The aim of an off-site interview is to see how you cope interpersonally. The interviewer doesn’t want to see you straight-backed and uptight; she wants to see how you express ideas and discuss work in a more laid-back environment (and get an idea of what you’ll be like at post-work drinks!)

Don’t be inconsistent:

Remember that you were liked enough to be invited back so there’s no point pretending to be someone you’re not. You can afford to be a tad less formal than you were in the first interview but remember you were asked back for the skills and character you originally displayed. You run the risk of missing out if you try to alter the profile they have of you too drastically.

Don’t Slack:

It’s easy to think ‘There’s less competition now’ but think this at your own peril. There may be fewer competitors, but you’re up against the strongest candidates.

Don’t leap:

The great thing about a second interview is the fact there is every chance the words ‘the job’s yours!’ will be uttered. This is a very flattering and therefore very tempting situation to be in, but if you’re not 100% sure about the work environment and the logistics of the job, ask for some time to think on it. Better a few days of indecision now, than regret a year or so down the line.

Don’t be caught out by multiple interviewers and a much longer process:

Your first interview was most likely conducted by senior management in a dimly-lit room far away from the hustle and bustle of office life. You should look at the first interview as a toe’s dip in the pool and the second as a head-first plunge into the company’s workings, ethics and atmosphere. Because it’s to be a more in-depth process, it’s very likely you’ll meet your prospective team. It’s important to be professional, but friendly.

Remember that a new edition to the workplace is exciting for any company and they’ll be as eager to discuss you after you’ve left the interview as they were to meet you!

Don’t Panic at the Panel:

If your interview is in front of a panel, ensure you maintain eye-contact throughout and address every interviewer, not just the question’s asker, when answering questions.

Panel interviews are designed to test not only your interpersonal skills, but how accustomed you are to pressure. Impress by keeping your body language light and open and your answers calm and concise.

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