Why we hire and why we fire?


When we make the decision to hire a person its based on two prime criteria:

  1. The way they appear
  2. What they seem to have done

But when we fire a person or when they don’t succeed, it is almost always based on how they behave and how they fit into your business, team and the role you want them to do.

We often make a very quick decision about a person based on their appearance that includes how they dress, how they stand, their handshake, their presence etc. according to a recent report I have seen we make our initial assessment of a person in the first 30 seconds of meeting them, and this first impression can be very hard to turn around.

Then we look at their profile, their achievements, their track record, projects they have worked on, the difference they claim to have made.

We may get them to jump through a few hoops along the way to demonstrate certain abilities, ie presentation skills, project planning skills, solutions design skills etc.

We can, of course verify a lot of these claims by checking certification and by talking to people that may know them (or formal reference checks).

But the truth is we are taking a lot on trust! And there is a surprisingly high dropout rate in the first twelve months of employment, especially in sales. Some industries can experience as much as 30% and more people leaving their business within twelve months and this is has a very high cost associated with it.

Here’s the thing, nearly all of these could have been predicted if we simply pay more attention to how these people will fit into our business.

Have you ever wondered how so many people seem to do really well in some of the companies they have worked but totally fail in others?

So what if we could predict how a person is going to behave and fit in?

Call me to discover:

  • How you can guarantee well over 90% of you hires will succeed
  • How to save £££s on reducing the first year churn
  • How to ensure the people you hire perform to their maximum potential
  • Take away the guessing from your recruitment.
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