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General Administration / Brand Management / New Business Development
Candidate Availability
4 weeks

 A Seasoned top management professional with distinguished career of over 40 yearsassuming leadership roles in steering entire range of business operations with prestigious organizations. 

Handling all legal matters of the companies where has been appointed as an Independent Director or Advisor Consultant.

Brief eminent lawyers, advocates, and solicitors, from time to time based on the legal situation, being Civil or Criminal or Corporate based on the requirement of the client / companies.

Assisting the Client / Companies with drafting and draft corrections, notices, making briefs and concept note in respect of the legal position of the client / companies and as also liaising with such advocates / solicitors to ensure that the client / company get correct redressal based on legal circumstances, situations.

Handle sale / purchase, leasing / rental of properties either owned by client / companies ortheir associates as assist client / companies in obtaining the registration of titles with the concerned authorities and also obtaining documents from offices of relevant departments within the realm of such client / companies.

Creative planner with acknowledged strengths in contributing strategic and operational drivers across diverse functional domainsto achieve corporate objectives.

Capable of defining business mission and mobilizing/ managing cross-functional resources to achieve business continuity and sustainable growth.

Proficient in conceptualizing and setting up new business ventures to exploit available market potential.

Superior analytical, liaison, administrative and communication skills.

Streamline entire procurement / logistics activities and generated substantial cost advantage with effective application of negotiation skills. 

Identify business opportunities and generate customized marketing thrust to capitalise on the available market potential.

Map market dynamics and drawn vital inputs on competitors’ moves to realign policies and programmes to stay firmly afloat in globally competitive business environment.  

Provide need based advertising and promotional inputs to foster brand building and generate consumers’ preferences towards company’s product range.  

Register high level of advertising efficiency with effective media planning and scheduling of commercials.

Successfully capitalize on media relations to secure their uninterrupted support.

Conceptualise and implement credit policy to minimise incidences of bad debts.

Negotiate and reach settlements with debtors to ensure quick recoveries.

Initiate litigations against stubborn ones and successfully acquired their assets in satisfaction of debts.    

Play vital role in implementing preventive / predictive maintenance practice to maximise operational availability of machines and equipment’s.

Efficiently manage import & export operations deriving advantages of various governmental incentive schemes.

Secure necessary approvals as needed to facilitate international transactions.  

Created and managed domestic/ international channels of distribution and maintained their business interest to promote company’s sales. 

Provide inspirational leadership to cross functional teams and integrate their efforts to facilitate realization of overall corporate objectives. 

Consultant Details

Ram Chandiramani
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+91 (0)22 2432 7970