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Territory sales manager


Responsibilities 职责 Responsible for the achievement of budgeted order intake for Life Science products. 负责实现生命科学产品产品预算订单量。 Works closely with customer support organisation to ensure customer satisfaction with products and services. 与客户支持组织密切合作,以确保客户对产品和服务的满意度 To present and promote related Instruments in a professional manner at all times.任何时候都能以专业的方式在任何时候都介绍和宣传相关仪器。 Manages geographic territory and ensures Instruments is represented in all relevant purchases. 管理地理区域,并确保仪器在所有相关的采购中被被展示。 Achieve monthly and annual targets for the territory. 实现区域内的月度和年度目标 Maintains sales data base for territory and develops mailing list and prospect levels. 维护区域内销售数据库,发送文件清单与前景水平 • Develops and maintains good level of product knowledge for range and for competition lines. 具有较高的范围和竞争线的产品知识水平 • Feeds back customer activity and market/product opportunities to Product Management. 在产品管理方面能够反馈客户活动和市场/产品的机会 • Works independently within company guidelines to achievement of agreed objectives and sales targets. 在公司准则范围内独立工作以商定的目标和销售目标的成就。 • Communicates verbally and in writing with customers, including purchasing of all levels. 与客户口头和书面沟通各级采购。 • Regular interface with Marketing, Technical and Customer Support personnel. Also with Contracts Administration. 定期与营销、技术和客户支持人员交流,同时参与合同管理。 • Regular travel is a requirement. 经常出差是一个要求。

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