Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving Young Lives Globally

Our employees and partners have a passion for helping others, both inside and outside of the workplace. Many of our staff and partners organise regular events to raise money for a wide range of good causes. We have also established the Antal Charitable Foundation, to support international charitable initiatives in a more organised manner.

The Antal Charitable Foundation was created in July 2008. It focuses on supporting children’s charities across the globe, whose main aim is to help disadvantaged children. We also work with charities who support children and young adults who are disadvantaged, through no fault of their own, by physical disability, parenting issues, natural disasters and political mismanagement.

Children are our future and we feel passionately about supporting them. We feel that we have a corporate responsibility to play a role in supporting the work of the many hard working charities operating worldwide.

The charities we work with are carefully chosen for their geographical reach, as well as their ability to target support for young lives across the continents where we operate. Some of our key benefactors are:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Regenerate UK
  • Friends of Sure24
  • Chance UK
  • Woman Change Makers in India
  • Polish Children and Youth Foundation
  • Home of Hope in South Africa

Additionally, we have direct relationships with many local charities. We provide much needed financial and infrastructural support – as well as the time and attention of our employees and partners.

Please visit to discover more about our charitable activities.