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C&B Analyst - Deputy Mgr

Reporting to C&B Director India, this role is responsible for administering compensation related processes, supporting India Total Rewards and HR team with focused analytics and highlight key insights to support decision making, as well as various global/regional total rewards initiatives/projects implementation to deliver solutions, programs and process effectively and efficiently.

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Tax Assistant (m/w/d)

Tax, Steuer, Steuerberatung, tax assistant, USGAAP, VAT, MwSt,

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Accountant (m/w/d)

Accountant, USGAAP, IFRS, HGB, SOX, International, Bilanzbuchhalter

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Projektmanager (m/w/d) TGA

TGA, HVAC, Elektro, Lüftung, Maschinenbau, Anlagenbau, HOAI, HSKL

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EU Technical Support Manager - SBS/Synthetic Rubbers

Attractive Package

Our client is growing now at a rapid pace, and we are in search of candidates for the position of EU Technical Support Manager - SBS/Synthetic rubbers, This position will sign contract with the export subsidiary of Group in Austria that arranges delivery of the Group’s products to Europe and Asia. This position will report Head of Technical support, based in HQ in Moscow and SI Chief Executive officer – administratively

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Legal Counsel

Perform legal services on demand for on internal clients Operations Draft and review contracts including amendments Assist VP legal in performing all other legal tasks Translate Chinese-English legal documents Manage corporate files incl. approvals Giving advice on Chinese law Assuming function of Data Protection Officer

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岗位职责: Responsibilities: 1、 根据国际与国内法律法规政策,建立与完善公司的法律管控体系,进行符合公司战略发展的中长期法律规划。 Set up and improve the company’s legal control system pursuant to the international and domestic laws and regulations; conduct medium and long term legal program in line with the company’s strategical development. 2、完善公司相关法律规章制度和流程,评估、控制与防范公司运营中的法律风险,为公司制订发展战略提供有力的法律支持。 Improve the company’s relative legal rules, regulations and procedures; assess, control and prevent legal risks in the company’s operation; provide trusty legal support to map out the company’s development strategy. 3、 负责公司对外重大战略投资、融资等法律事务,参与公司兼并、收购、分立、 资产租赁、股权转让(受让)及招投标等重要经济活动与重大项目的尽职调查、商务谈判及交易法律架构的构建等,出具法律意见,规避运营风险。 Take responsibilities for legal affairs including the significant external strategic investment, financing etc.; participate in major business activities of corporate mergers, acquisitions, separations, asset leasing, share transfer (assignation), bidding and tendering etc.; take part in due diligence of major projects, business negotiations as well as the establishment of legal frame of the transaction etc.; issue legal advice and avert risks of the company’s operation. 4、控制和预防公司内部运营中可能出现的法律风险并提出防范建议,为公司发展提供有效的法律保障,为管理层的决策提供法律支持。 Control and prevent from the potential legal risks in the company’s internal operation and propose prevention measures; provide effective legal safeguard for the company’s development and trusty support for the Management decision making. 5、负责协调处理公司重大法律争议,通过诉讼、仲裁、非诉讼活动及采取其他法律措施,维护公司合法权益。 Coordinate and handle major legal disputes to secure the company’s legitimate rights and interests by means of litigations, arbitrations, non-litigation activities and other legal measures. 6、负责审核公司各类重大法律文件,包括重大决议、规章、合同及其他重要文件等。 Review the company’s important legal documents of all kinds, including major resolutions, regulations, contracts and other crucial papers. 7、负责公司内外部重要法律资源的管理与维护。 Manage and maintain the company’s internal and external significant legal resources.

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1. 负责起草、审核公司所有经济合同及涉外合同并提出法律指导意见; Responsible for draft and review all economics and foreign contracts and provide professional legal advice. 2. 负责对公司重大经营决策及经营项目提供法律咨询和解决方案; Provide legal advice and solution for company major business decision-making and business projects. 3. 参加各类商务谈判,合同及其他法律文件的草拟和审查;合同签订后的跟踪检查;规范涉外法律文件的管理流程; Participate in drafting and reviewing all business negotiations, contracts and other legal documents, follow up and inspect contract signing, regulate management process of foreign legal documents. 4. 参与集团指定的其他投资、合资或其他项目的法律支持工作,包括但不限于:组织立项前的法律风险评估工作;参与项目谈判等。 Provide legal support for Group investments, joint ventures or other projects , including but not limited to: legal risk assessment before projects establishment and participate in project negotiations activities. 5. 公司纠纷的管理工作,包括:在纠纷的非诉阶段与对方展开谈判;在纠纷进入法律程序后监督和协调纠纷的处理; Handle and manage all disputes, including: negotiate in non-litigation period, handle and coordinate dispute into the legal process 6. 开展法律培训,做好与业务相关的国际案例研究和宣传等; Provide legal training, study and public relevant international cases 7. 部门安排的其他工作 Other tasks assigned by manager.

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1. 陪同董事长出席公司重要商事活动,为董事长做好随行翻译工作; Accompany President to attend important commercial activities and do related translation 2. 协助董事长进行对外商务沟通与接待, 建立和维系公司与重要客户和合作伙伴的关系; Assist President to carry out foreign business communication and reception, establishand maintain relationship between company and important customers and partners 3. 在董事长会见客户前做好充分的相关准备工作及背景调研等; Prepare well and do background researches before President’s meeting with customers. 4. 负责董事长的日常事务管理,及董事长出差期间的行程安排及工作事务协调组织等; Responsible for daily affairs of President, organize and coordinate travel arrangements during business trip 5. 完成上级交办的其他相关事务。 Other tasks assigned by manager.

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1. 根据需求,在UNITY引擎中负责重要模块功能和工具的开发 2. 负责Unity逻辑和AI逻辑开发 3. 参与解决开发中遇到的技术难题

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