Job Description

职位名称: 董事长秘书

Position: Assistant of President

直接上级: 董事会办公室主任

Line manager: Office manager

工作地点: 上海浦东新区

Location: Pu Dong District, Shanghai






1.     陪同董事长出席公司重要商事活动,为董事长做好随行翻译工作;

Accompany President to attend important commercial activities and do related translation

2.     协助董事长进行对外商务沟通与接待, 建立和维系公司与重要客户和合作伙伴的关系;

Assist President to carry out foreign business communication and reception, establishand maintain relationship between company and important customers and partners

3.     在董事长会见客户前做好充分的相关准备工作及背景调研等;

Prepare well and do background researches before President’s meeting with customers.

4.     负责董事长的日常事务管理,及董事长出差期间的行程安排及工作事务协调组织等;

Responsible for daily affairs of President, organize and coordinate travel arrangements during business trip

5. 完成上级交办的其他相关事务。

Other tasks assigned by manager.



Qualifications and Requirements:

1.     全日制大学本科及以上学历,英语、翻译相关专业毕业,对能源化工专业词汇熟悉;

Bachelor degree or above major in English and translation, familiar with chemical and energy industryvocabulary

2.     具备较好的语言表达能力,英文听说读写流利;

Goodpresentation skills, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

3.     具备较强的组织、协调与沟通能力,有敏锐的洞察力;

Strong organization, coordination and communication ability, has a keen insight

4.     工作积极主动,做事细心、有条理,责任心强;

Active, detail-oriented, clear thinking and responsible

5.     形象气质佳,为人诚实可靠、品行端正;

Honest and reliable, good character.

6.     考虑到工作方便,男生优先。

Male preferred.