Job Description

职位名称: 法务部总监

Position: Director of Legal Department

直接上级: 副总裁兼首席法律顾问

Line Manager: Vice President & General Counsel


Location: Pu Dong District, Shanghai






1、   根据国际与国内法律法规政策,建立与完善公司的法律管控体系,进行符合公司战略发展的中长期法律规划。

Set up and improve the company’s legal control system pursuant to the international and domestic laws and regulations; conduct medium and long term legal program in line with the company’s strategical  development.


Improve the company’s relative legal rules, regulations and procedures; assess, control and prevent legal risks in the company’s operation; provide trusty legal support to map out the company’s development strategy.

3、          负责公司对外重大战略投资、融资等法律事务,参与公司兼并、收购、分立、


Take responsibilities for legal affairs including the significant external strategic investment, financing etc.; participate in major business activities of corporate mergers, acquisitions, separations, asset leasing, share transfer (assignation), bidding and tendering etc.; take part in due diligence of major projects, business negotiations as well as the establishment of legal frame of the transaction etc.; issue legal advice and avert risks of the company’s operation.


Control and prevent from the potential legal risks in the company’s internal operation and propose prevention measures; provide effective legal safeguard for the company’s development and trusty support for the Management decision making.


Coordinate and handle major legal disputes to secure the company’s legitimate rights and interests by means of litigations, arbitrations, non-litigation activities and other legal measures.


Review the company’s important legal documents of all kinds, including major resolutions, regulations, contracts and other crucial papers.


Manage and maintain the company’s internal and external significant legal resources.





Qualifications and Requirements:

1、15年以上法律工作经验,其中需同时包括律师事务所和企业法务部门管理经验(团队管理经验不少于5年) ,具备国际法务经验。

15 years and above of experience of legal work, including management experience (no less than 5 years of team management) in law firms and corporates’ legal departments; possess international legal experience.


Graduated with master degree and above, and majored in law or other relevant domain.


Passed the National Judicial Examination; possess lawyer’s practice certificate or Legal professional qualification certificate.


With profound professional knowledge of law, proficient in laws and regulations like Corporation Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law etc.; knowledgeable about relevant domestic and overseas policies and those of the industry; possess abundant experience of legal practice, favorable industry resources and relationships.


Excel in communications and writing skills in English; able to conduct business negotiations and legal writings of important documents in English skillfully.


Possess supreme logical thinking and capabilities of communication, coordination and independent problem-solving.


Competitive  abilities of team management and talent development.