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We are global talent solutions specialists. Having formed in 1993, Antal has rapidly grown across the globe, penetrating and having a major presence in all key talent markets, including strategically important developing markets such as China, India and Russia, enabling us to become a leading global recruitment specialist in each of our specialised sectors.

Utilising an extensive international network to carry out cross border work allows us to bring a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector. We do this with around 1000 experts from more than 130 offices, spanning over 35 countries globally. We have made successful talent placements in more than 72 countries.

Our experience, sector expertise and market knowledge is coupled with the fact that our consultants are senior ex-industry professionals who lead our market specialisms. This is a major differentiator in making us unique in the talent consultancy and recruitment arena.

Overlay this with our extensive globally-local reach and our collaborative methodology, working across international boundaries to ensure that we have culturally aligned local consultants working on our clients behalf, and we are ideally positioned to be the global talent solutions partner - regardless of location.

We share information, knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients, candidates and colleagues – and we do this better than anyone in the world.

Our work has been strongly recognised by the industry, earning over 20 recruitment and business awards. Most recently, we were finalists for TIARA's International Recruitment Company of the Year award.

The Antal team is continously growing - discover how you can join our international network of award winning offices here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our employees and partners have a passion for helping others, both inside and outside of the workplace. Many of our staff and partners organise regular events to raise money for a wide range of good causes. We have also established the Antal Charitable Foundation, to support international charitable initiatives in a more organised manner.

The Antal Charitable Foundation was created in July 2008. It focuses on supporting children’s charities across the globe, whose main aim is to help disadvantaged children. We also work with charities who support children and young adults who are disadvantaged, through no fault of their own, by physical disability, parenting issues, natural disasters and political mismanagement.

Children are our future and we feel passionately about supporting them. We feel that we have a corporate responsibility to play a role in supporting the work of the many hard working charities operating worldwide.

Please visit to discover more about our charitable activities.

Simply use the office filter to identify the most appropriate Antal office within your market to begin the conversation with one of our experts. Or, if you are currently searching for your next career opportunity, use our job search.



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1.负责确保IT应用的实施,有能力通过实现IT解决方案和功能支持业务,并参与建立IT流程管理IT活动,提供高稳定、高可用的IT应用服务。 2.作为应用工程师,确保提供高效、可用的应用服务。与IT同事,业务负责人有效沟通。支持IT组长加强团队建设。 3.负责IT运营部门的革新需求,例如,智能物流。需要有很强的沟通技巧,与业务部门的关键用户建立良好的关系,并且可以顺畅沟通。需要有很强的IT背景,可以用于业务流程的分析及提供有效的解决方案; 4.负责的业务部门或系统:物流部门及该部门使用的系统和需求。以及产品部门涉及物流内容的系统和需求。负责的业务部门或系统:物流部及该部使用的系统和需求,及冲压、3C车间涉及物流内容的系统和需求;

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1、负责激光电视中的光学引擎光学架构设计; 2、负责进行光机系统中超短焦投影镜头设计; 3、主导光学镜头产业化转化,对生产过程中的问题分析,提出改进措施; 4、指导和培训研发工程师,负责技术难点的攻关,解决开发中出现的系统性难题。

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1、负责出口机顶盒软件架构设计; 2、负责出口机顶盒核心软件功能模块设计和开发; 3、负责制定和培训团队成员进行模块开发。

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Overview: Position is required to manage company's growth market in China. Responsibilities: • Manage the sales cycle from lead generation through closure, including occasional post-close • Ensure consistent and on-plan revenue delivery through skilled lead identification /qualification and pipeline development and management • Develop new revenue opportunities • Manage account to ensure highest level of prospect and customer satisfaction. • Professional interaction with customer's senior staff at both corporate and subsidiary levels.

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【工作职责】 负责项目实施过程中的费用管理和控制工作: 1)负责项目费用分解、控制、索赔和项目结算; 2)配合施工分包策划和实施; 3)定期完成项目费用控制管理工作。

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1.参与点云相关算法的设计、实现及优化; 2.参与点云算法的维护,能够在算法、性能优化方面提出有效的建议; 3.及时了解国内外相关研究领域的领先的技术及高效算法。

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1、作为技术带头人开展内窥镜产品技术定义、方案策划及开发工作; 2、能负责、组织内窥镜的光学系统设计,并依据光学系统设计意图指导和协调光机结构设计; 3、内窥镜产品(光学部件)生产工艺指导。

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Responsibilities: 1、负责公司在中国市场炼油技术/催化剂的销售工作; Responsible for company's refinery technology/product sales in China; 2、在欧洲总部的支持下协调和开展相关业务活动; Coordinate, facilitate business activities with support from head office in Europe;  3、评估业务发展趋势,市场产品需求以及客户要求; Identify new business trends, product needs and customers' requirements. 4、拜访石化和炼油公司的客户并与化工和炼油等行业设计院保持经常联系; Visit clients at petrochemical and refinery companies and keep regular contacts with chemical/ refinery design institutes. 5、在炼油行业挖掘潜在客户; Explore potential business opportunity with customers in refinery industry; 6、协助合同签定后的执行和跟踪; Assist in contract execution and follow up on signed contracts; 7、向部门领导汇报工作。 Report to the Dept Manager;

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1. To be responsible for the WSA technology sales in the assigned industries under the leadership of Department Manager; 在部门经理的领导下负责所辖行业的WSA技术的销售; 2. To actively develop potential client,timely collect and update project information and follow project status. To establish client profiles and documentations; 积极主动开发潜在用户,及时进行项目信息收集和更新、项目跟踪等工作;建立用户项目台账、档案; 3. To make the annual sales and task plan of assigned industries; 制定负责行业的年度销售和工作计划 4. To report weekly sales project status to department manager and to update monthly project list; 每周向部门经理汇报销售项目的进展情况并每月报告书面项目更新表; 5. To establish good relationship with design institutes and engineering companies in subject industries,to collect information of projects that are being designed and to promote WSA technology; 与负责行业设计院和工程公司建立良好关系,收集设计项目信息,推广WSA技术; 6. To actively investigate and analyze the market,collect market information including that of the competitors’, follow market trends and make reports to the company to support in making strategies; 积极研究市场,收集各种信息包括竞争者信息,掌握市场变化动态,分析并报告给公司,为制定战略决策提供依据; 7. To participate related conferences and forums, and make speeches to promote WSA technology; 参加负责行业会议并发言介绍推广WSA技术; 8. To keep close contact with headquarter, and forward inquires to headquarter in time with necessary translation; 与总部密切沟通,及时把用户询价发给总部,并做好相关文件的翻译工作; 9. To assist headerquarter to participate in bidding,clarifications and contract negotiations etc.; 配合总部对项目进行投标、澄清、合同签署等工作; 10. Initiate and organize project KOM; 发起并组织项目内部开工会; 11. To be responsible for early stage technical exchanges and clarifications, make preliminary technical quotations and submit the quotations to headquarter for review; 负责项目初期的技术交流和澄清,制定初步的技术报价文件并提交总部审核; 12. To perform client visits and complete the visit MOMs, and to update the client information in the database; 完成客户拜访及会议交流的报告并及时更新客户数据库; 13. Other tasks assigned by the Dept Manager; 部门领导安排的其他事宜; 14. Report to the Dept Manager. 向部门领导汇报工作。

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