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HR Manager---制造业


Work effort distribution: 0-5% Recuriting: Backup and ad-hoc support to recruitment. Work effort distribution: 10% Staffing: 1. Implement and improve orientation program in Operation site. 2. Issue employee announcement for professional above level. 3. Backup and ad-hoc support to HR data processing under instruction of HR Manager. Work effort distribution: 25% ER/BP: 1. Contribute to good ER buildup and employee engagement; guide employees to think in shoes of company 2. Present a good HR image to communicate and address employee common concerns 3. Advice the right approach to solve more complicated ER issues based on policies & procedures. For those beyond current guideline, be an excellent communicator for all interface. 4. Conclude from day to day issues and find gap for improving policies & procedures, and be an excellent communicator to win support. 5. Monitor on China/Changzhou local labor policy and ensure our practices are effective and legal. Work effort distribution: 30% PO & Training: 1. Follow up the whole year PO process and push line managers to meet the company standard and timeline. 2. Supervise the PO quality and influence supervisors to improve according to HR set standard 3. Collect individual training needs, analyze and propose annual training plan to HR Manager for a decision. 4. Follow up through the training implementation including all logistic details, considering cost effectiveness and high standard. Work effort distribution: 30% Project/Improvement: Align in framework with global/China HR to implement various HR initiatives/projects in sites including but not limited to: - Non-routine org chart change - job profiling and competency - TAE , OTR and PO etc. which including efforts of: - Take active part in manufacture information collection, analysis, summary and provide suggestion given thought of China HR alignment. - Take active part in understanding of global/China initiatives - Strong execution and follow through the whole initiative without little supervision.

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