Senior Software engineer

Job Description


  1. You primarily identify as a backend engineer and are comfortable working on the server-side.
  2. You can write non-trivial programs in either Ruby or Python. If you don't know either, you can learn a language quickly.
  3. You can write clean, modular code in either Object-Oriented style or Functional style. 
  4. You are fluent in using at least one DB, preferably PostgreSQL, but feel free to surprise us.
  5. You have shipped code to production recently, regularly.
  6. You are driven and care about doing a good job and improving your craft.
  7. You are fluent in using the tools of the trade: Editors, Git, Command line, Slack, Jira 
  8. You have high integrity, and you are reliable.
  9. A mix of classic and cloud-native infra: Django, RDS PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, AWS Lambda, Kinesis, DocumentDB, CloudFormation, Dockerized deployments
  10. Infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure
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Aditya Guram
+91 (0)22 4063 4901