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Job Description

职位:新能源动力电池及电池管理系统开发工程师 HV Battery & BMS Engineer

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:
1. 根据整车总体技术方案和总布置方案,确定电池包的总体设计方案Determine the overall design of the battery pack according to the overall vehicle technology program and general arrangement
2. 根据电芯化学特性及整车需求确定电池成组方案Determine battery group program based on chemical properties of cells and vehicle requirement;
3. 确定各零部件在系统中的布置及具体方案,完成设计工作,包括系统架构、电气接口定义、通讯协议等Determine the layout and specific program for components in the system, and complete design work, including system architecture, electrical interface definition, communication protocols, etc.
4. 负责编写电池系统需求规范,完成法律法规的适应性分析和应用Responsible for making battery system requirement specifications, complete analysis and application specified by law and regulation;
5. 根据电池特点制定评价规范与检测方法Develop evaluation norms and test methods according to the characteristics of battery;
6. 解决从产品开发, 质量控制, 供应商管理, 以及生产制造等方面的技术问题Solve technical problems from product development, quality control, supplier management, manufacturing and other aspects.
7. 负责制定动力电池单体、模块和总成的测试计划与测试实施 Responsible for power battery test plan and test implementation in cell, module and pack level;
8. 进行实验数据分析并进行性能评价,对电池提出改进建议 Implement experimental data analysis and performance evaluation, and make recommendations for battery improvement ;
9. 实施动力电池设计验证、产品验证测试 Implement power battery DV, PV test;
10. 制定动力电池测试流程及测试规范Develop power battery test process and specifications;
11. 解决测试中的问题并撰写测试报告 Solve problems in test and write test report;
12. 参与电池成组方案的设计Participate group program design of battery pack.
13. 根据整车需求及电池特性,分析电池管理系统控制需求According to vehicle requirement and battery characteristics, analyze BMS requirement;
14. 负责电池控制器软硬件设计、开发Responsible for BCU SW and HW design and development;
15. 负责完成电池管理系统需求文档和模型文档的编写Responsible for making BMS requirement document and model description document;
16. 根据电芯化学特性及整车需求确定电池成组方案,负责电池包的总体设计方案Establish battery group program according to chemical characteristics of cells and vehicle requirement;  
17. 负责整车与BMS的通讯Responsible for communication between vehicle and BMS;
18. 根据电池使用特点制定评价规范与检测方法Develop evaluation norms and test methods according to the characteristics of the battery;
19. 负责新能源汽车高压电池包机械结构的开发Responsible for developing mechanical structure of NEV HV battery pack;
20. 负责新能源汽车高压电池包电气系统的开发Responsible for developing electrical System of NEV HV battery pack
21. 负责新能源汽车高压电池包热管理的开发Responsible for developing thermal management of NEV HV battery pack
22. 负责整车与BMS的通讯以及高低压配线系统设计实现Responsible for vehicle communication with BMS, as well as high and low voltage wiring system design and implementation;
23. 支持电池系统和整车的安装、调试和试验Support battery system installation in vehicle, debugging and testing.

1. 全日制本科及以上,车辆工程、机电一体化等相关专业Bachelor degree or above, vehicle engineering, mechatronics and other related professionals;
2. 具备3年以上相关工作经验Possess more than 3 years related work experience;
3. 熟练使用CATIA等设计软件,并具备一定的结构设计、强度分析和流体分析方面知识Proficient in CATIA and other related software, and have knowledge about structural design, strength analysis and fluid analysis;
4. 熟悉电池热管理技术,能够使用ANSYS等软件进行热场分析Familiar with battery thermal management, able to implement thermal field analysis with ANSYS or other tools;
5. 掌握电气技术的基本原理,高压电气零部件的性能、应用、失效分析Master the basic principle of electrical technology, performance, application and failure analysis of HV electrical components;
6. 熟练的英语表达能力,兼懂德语者优先Good English expression, and also know Germany is preferred.