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Job Description

职位:新能源测试验证与整车标定工程师NEV Test Validation & Vehicle Calibration Engineer
地点:北京 Beijing

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:
1. 负责高压测试台架的搭建与设备维护Responsible for HV system test bench building and equipment maintenance;
2. 负责高压部件如电机、高压电池的测试Responsible for testing of HV components, such as E-motor, HV battery;
3. 制定高压系统测试流程及测试规范Develop HV system test process and specification;
4. 撰写测试报告和产品相关文件Prepare test report and other product related documentation;
5. 故障调查和根本原因分析Failure investigation and root cause analyze.
6. 在新能源车整车开发中,负责整车性能与诊断的标定。Responsible for the vehicle performance and diagnosis calibration during NEV development;
7. 负责整车标定试验的组织、协调和实施工作Responsible for the vehicle calibration organization, coordination and implementation;
8. 实施整车排放、油耗、“三高”等试验, 并对标定和试验结果进行记录、分析和整理Implement emission, fuel consumption, "three high" and other tests, and then record, analyze and sort out the calibration and test data;
9. 负责整车标定和实验数据和标定数据的管理Responsible for vehicle calibration data and test date management;
10. 负责整车标定的最终结果的评审和验收Responsible for review and acceptance of the final results of the vehicle calibration data.
11. 负责车辆性能的主客观评价试验的策划,组织与实施Responsible for programming, organization and implementation of vehicle performance objective and subjective evaluation testing;
12. 负责建立并维护企业的整车主客观评价体系和评价标准Responsible for developing and maintaining vehicle subjective and objective evaluation system and evaluation criteria;
13. 对车辆问题进行根本原因分析并提出解决办法Implement vehicle problem root cause analysis and propose appropriate solutions;
14. 市场上同级别车辆的性能对比测试及分析Implement testing and analysis about performance comparison with other vehicles on the market;

1. 全日制本科及以上,车辆工程、电气工程、控制工程、人机工程等相关专业Bachelor degree or above, vehicle engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering ergonomics, and other related professionals;
2. 具备3年以上相关工作经验Possess 3 years or above related work experience;
3. 熟悉汽车理论,汽车构造,特别是车辆转向系统、悬架系统等Familiar with auto theory and construction, especially vehicle steering systems, suspension systems, etc.;
4. 熟练的汽车驾驶能力及丰富的驾驶经验,并具备深厚的整车评价理论基础Skilled car driving ability and rich driving experience, and have profound theoretic for vehicle evaluation;
5. 熟悉整车主客观评价的规范、流程及标准,并具备一定的分析问题和解决问题的能力Familiar with norms, processes and standards of vehicle subjective and objective evaluation, and some ability to analyze and solve problems
6. 熟悉汽车NVH测试评价方法以及悬架系统K&C特性分析方法Familiar with vehicle NVH testing and evaluation methods, and suspension system K&C characterization analysis methods;
7. 熟练的英语表达能力,兼懂德语优先Good English expression, and also know Germany is preferred。