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冲焊标准化工程师 Stamping/welding standardization Engineer

Job Description

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:

1、 确定并落实标准化法律、法规、规章以及强制性标准中与本公司相关的要求; Confirm and implement related to requirements with company in  standardization law, rule, regulations and mandatory standards;

2、 建立和实施公司标准体系,编制公司标准体系表; Establishment and implementation of company standards, preparing the company standard system table;

3、 组织制定、修订公司标准; Formulate, revise the company standard;

4、 对本公司实施标准的情况,负责监督检查;To the company implemented standards, responsible for the supervision and check;

5、 组织实施有关国家标准、行业标准、地方标准和公司标准; Organize the implementation of the relevant national standards, industry standards, local standards and corporate standards;

6、 戴姆勒标准的引进、消化吸收工作(获取、编译、转化等); Daimler standard introduction, digestion and absorption work (access, compilation, transformation etc.);

7、 对本公司有关人员进行标准化宣传教育,对本公司有关部门的标准化工作进行指导; Carry out the propaganda and education of standardization to company related personnel, the company departments of standardization work guidance;

8、 搜集、整理国内外标准化情报资料。Collect, arrange domestic and international standardization information.

任职资格: 任职条件/Requirement:

1. 学历条件:学士学位,具有工艺标准管理工作背景者优先; Education background: Bachelor degree or above, technical process standard management work background is preferred.

2. 专业条件:冲压、焊装工艺;Professional conditions:  stamping/welding process.

3. 语言条件:英语听说读写熟练; Language proficiency:  Fluent English in oral, written and spoken.

4. 工作经验:五年以上相关工作经验; Work experience: 5 years of related work experience.

5. 技能条件:熟练使用常用办公设备、软件;相关工程软件。Skills required:  Proficiency in commonly used equipment and software; related engineer software.

6. 能力条件:较强的分析能力,解决问题的能力,良好的协调与沟通能力。Ability: Strong analysis and problem solving ability, well coordination and communication skills