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Job Description

职位:曲轴工艺技术规划及生产管理组长Process/Technical planning & production management group leader for Crankshaft

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:
1.参与标准作业指导书编制、变更及生产工艺编排管理,实施标准化作业Participate in edition, change of the SWI, management of the production processing, implementation of the standardization
2.督导工艺实施和工艺持续改进,保证品质目标达成.supervise the process and improvement of the production processing, make sure that the quality targets are reached
3.负责零件试装及变更在车间的前期准备及实施工作。Be responsible of the trail and preparation in workshops.
4.负责现场机床程序备份和文件管理be responsible for the backup of the machining programs on site and manage the documents
5.依据部门年度运营计划,有效开展经营革新活动,实施目标管理,以保证事业计划各项指标的顺利达成Regulate and implemented the annual plans according to the operation plans of the company and ensure the reachment of targets.
6.指导所属工程师按照计划完成相关工艺文件的制定及调整工作,支持生产线运行;Assist the engineer to implement the regulation of processing documents on accordance with the plans and assist the operation of the production line.
7.对工程师进行绩效进行督导,以保证基础管理的活性化和人员素质的不断提升Supervise the evaluation of the engineers and ensure the activity of the fundamental management and improvement of the employees.

1.本科或本科以上机械工程及相关专业.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering or related area.
2.至少8年生产加工相关的工作经验,工厂经验丰富者优先考虑At least 8 years’ experience in Machining production facility, preferable in machining factory.
3.熟悉工艺技术Experience with Process Technical
4.对工装工艺有专业的知识领悟Good knowledge of Process tooling methods.
5.良好的英语交流应用(流利的听,说和读)With good practical English skill (listen, speak, read)
6.能独立工作,有较强的责任心Ability to work independently and self-responsible.
7.良好的带队能力及团队合作精神Able to train others. Good team cooperation.
8.愿意出差.Readiness to travel.