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Job Description

职位:电机控制器开发工程师E-Motor Controller Development Engineer

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:
1. 负责应用在混合动力和纯电动汽车中的牵引电机控制策略及算法的设计与开发Responsible for control strategy and algorithm design and development for traction motor of EV and HEV;
2. 基于V流程进行电机控制系统开发Motor control system development based on V model;
3. 在MATLAB/Simulink环境中进行电机控制算法的仿真和分析Motor control algorithm simulation and analysis with MATLAB / Simulink;
4. 在测功机台架上调试电机性能以及整车调试,跟车试验等Motor performance debugging with dynamometer, vehicle testing and debugging;
5. 负责控制器硬件供应商管理Responsible for supplier management of controller hardware;
6. 负责编写产品技术文档和测试报告Responsible for preparing the product technical documentation and test reports.

1. 全日制本科及以上,电力电子、电气及自动化,车辆工程等相关专业Bachelor degree or above, power electronics, electrical and automation, vehicle engineering and other related professionals;
2. 具备3年以上相关工作经验Possessed more than 3 years related work experience;
3. 熟悉嵌入式软件系统,熟练使用Matlab/Simulink进行电机控制算法的仿真和分析Familiar with embedded system, Proficient in Matlab/Simulink to implement motor control strategy simulation and analysis;
4. 熟悉永磁同步电机的工作原理及控制操作方法Familiar with the working principle and control method of PMSM;
5. 熟悉正弦PWM,空间向量PWM,六步控制法方面的知识及其在电机控制上的应用Proficient in sine PWM, space vector PWM, and six-step control law in the motor control;
6. 熟悉CAN通讯技术,以及常用功能器件(MOSFIT,IGBT等)的驱动与保护,并能将其应用于交直流变换(逆变,整流)的电子线路Familiar with CAN Bus, drive and protection for common devices (MOSFIT, IGBT, etc.), and can apply them to electronic conversion circuit(inverter, rectifier);
7. 有一定的硬件电路知识,熟悉模拟电路和数字电路Have some basic knowledge about electronic circuit, familiar with analog and digital circuits;
8. 熟练的英语表达能力,兼懂德语者优先Good English expression, and also know Germany is preferred.