Job Description

·         工作内容: 

·         1. 项目的基础设施建造:按时、合规达成项目目标;building and infrastructure construction for projects: follow the timeline and compliance regulariton, achieve the projects’ targets.
2. 合理规划项目建设和日常运行的财务预算,进行预算计划执行情况的考核、检查和分析工作,加强固定资产的管理,杜绝不合理支出,以达到降本增效的目的;Make a reasonable budget plan for project and operation, analyze and check the budget implementation procedures, reinforce the asset management, avoid the unnecessary expense, achive the cost-down target.
3. 积极响应来自外部客户的需求(外单位)。明确团队成员的角色和职责,将所有任务进行有效的分工;Actively respond to the external customers’ requirements, set up roles and responsibilities in the team, assign the tasks to team member efficiently;
4. 建立培训机制,收(统一培训)、放(导师带教)结合,协同作用。给予员工必要的培训和激励,提高工作积极性和能力;Set up the training system, provide the comprehensive training and ask the tutors to guide the new-comers, encourage the employees in various ways, motive the employess via listenting to their reports and authorizing them the power, enhance the team capability.
5. 紧密围绕企业经营发展开展活动,增强组织活力;Organize various activities, boost the company culture and business development, improve the team strength.
6. 明确第三方单位(设计院、建筑公司、监理单位、审计结算单位和造价咨询公司)的工作范畴和内容。加强管理,协调各方关系,促进团队协作. Define the work scope and content for 3rd parties, such as Design Company, Construction Company, Supervision Company, Consulting Company, etc, manage and coordinate their cooperation, enhance the team work

·         任职资格: 

·         1. 学士或硕士学位,工程相关专业优先;University graduate or master in engineering related preferred.
2. 熟练操作Project, PowerPoint, Excel, Word等应用软件;Computer skills such as Project, PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc.
3. 较高的英语听说读写能力;Fluent in English communication;
4. 很强的分析能力以及解决问题的能力,较好的人际沟通能力,适应多元文化.Strong analyzing and problem solving skills; excellent communication skills; Able to work in a cross-cultural environment.