Job Description

•    1.负责建立和维护全厂机器人数字化仿真工艺库、资源数据库、数字化虚拟工厂等; 
Build up and maintain all plant robot simulation technology library, resource data library, digital virtual factory… 
2. 参与公司新项目及系列化改造,负责方案验证、机器人及工具选型、验证平面布局、制定安全区及干涉区、制造机器人轨迹,编写离线程序、节拍优化等工作; 
Participate in new project and serial modification, responsible for validate concept, robot and tools selection, validate overall layout, define robot safety and locking zones, confirm robot kinematics and off-line program, and cycle time optimization. 
3. 参与供应商机器人仿真技术方案的讨论与制定,监控仿真的进度与质量,进行相关验收工作; 
Take part in the robot simulation technical discuss and supervise the simulation process and buy off; 
4. 完成其他临时工作。 
Other temporary work.


1. 大学本科以上学历,自动化、控制工程等相关专业;
Undergraduate colleges and higher education, automation, electrical, control and other related professionals;
2. 熟练使用Delmia仿真软件,至少2年以上KUKA机器人仿真工作经验,有丰富的项目管理和实战经验;
Familiar with Delmia simulation software, at least 2 years of KUKA robot simulation work experience, with extensive project management and hands-on experience;
3. 熟悉KUKA机器人的轨迹仿真、离线程序编写和调试,熟悉机器人控制系统和相关软件的使用;
Familiar with KUKA robot trajectory simulation, off-line programming and commissioning, familiar with the robot control system;
4. 较强的组织力和执行力,良好的沟通能力,抗压能力强,富有责任心
Strong ability of organization and execution, good communication skills, strong ability to work under pressure, full of sense of responsibility;
5. 良好的英语口头和书面表达能力;
Proficient in English spoken and written.