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1. 标准成本制定、日常维护及偏差分析;.
2. 财务系统接口的日常监控及错误分析和解决; 3. 质量流程相关成本的结算与分配及外部索赔业务的成本监控及对账;Quality process related cost settlement and redistribution.
Cost control and reconciliation of external claims
4. 财务月结的相关工作;Monthly end closing related job
5. 生产成本相关报表的分析;Production cost related report and analysis
6. 成本中心质量报废报表的查询及分析 Scraping cost report and analysis
7. 财务系统相关业务的升级测试工作;Financial system related testing
8. 为业务部门提供的其他财务支持的及数据分析;Other financial support and data analysis for business department
9. 标准成本控制分析及系统报错解决分析Standard cost controlling and system error resolution


1.会计或审计专业大学本科毕业五年以上或硕士毕业三年以上Majoring in accounting or auditing with 5 years after university bachelor degree or 3 years after university master degree
2. 具备很好的文字写作能力 With excellent word writing ability
3. 具备很好的PPT制作汇报能力及Excel数据处理能力和word文字处理及排版 With excellent PPT production and reporting ability and Excel data processing ability and Word processing ability
4. 具备流利的英语听、说、读、写能力 With fluent English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability
5. 持有会计证,有中级会计师职称/CPA/ACCA/CIMA资格者优先 accounting qualification as a must or CPA/ACCA/CIMA qualification with priority
6. 有SAP使用经验者优先 SAP knowledge with priority
7. 具备极好的沟通能力,能够承受压力及独立完成各项工作任务 With good communication ability and able to work independently under pressure to fulfill all kinds of mission
8. 具备很好的会计执业道德素质及人格品质,工作细心、耐心有韧性;反映思维敏捷 With good accounting professional moral integrity and personality; work carefully and patiently and react very fast
9. 具备积极向上乐观工作态度及对新生事务的接受与学习能力 With upwards optimistic working attitude and willing to accept and learn new things


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