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工业工程工程师Industrial engineering engineer(需要做过工时测算,英语优秀)

Job Description

主要工作职责/Main Responsibility:

1. 分析及优化生产系统:瓶颈分析、设备分析Analyze and optimize producing system: bottle-neck stations and equipment utilization rate

2. 从工业工程角度,对新项目中的工位设计进行评审Review the operation design in new project

3. 从工业工程角度,参与新项目中物料包装、料架设计的评审,制定物料线旁布置计划From the view of industrial engineering, take part in the material packaging, rack design review, establish the material line-side layout plan

4. 标准化作业程序制定:制定及优化作业程序、制定标准工时,参与制作,优化WI等Establish and optimize the operation process, standard work verification, optimize WI

5. 人员负荷分析:根据产能需求,制定作业计划及人力分配,平衡劳动负荷Labor force analysis: Based on the capacity requirement, establish work plan and manpower distribution, balance the labor force

6. 新项目/原项目的人机工程评估及优化Evaluate and optimize the Ergonomics

7. 发动机工厂HPU计算Hours per Unit (HPU) calculation in the engine plant

任职资格: 任职条件/Requirement:

1.      教育水平:大学本科以上学历,海外留学背景。Education: Bachelor degree or above with overseas education background.

2.      专业:工业工程及相关专业。Major: Industrial engineering related

3.      经验:参与精益生产、工时分析、生产线平衡等相关工作或实习经历Experience: working or internship experience of lean manufacturing, time analyzing, line balance.

4. 技能:熟练使用计算机常用软件,可以熟练地用英语或德语交流。Skill: Familiar with normal computer software and skilled communicate with English or German.

5. 培训经历:制造工程、汽车技术等Training experience: Manufacturing, automotive techniques.

6. 能力素质:良好的人际沟通、较强的逻辑思维能力。Ability: Good interpersonal communication, strong logical thinking ability.

7. 可以在一定时期内承受较大的工作压力独立完成项目工作,工作主动性强。Can withstand greater pressure to complete the project work independently in a given period, work initiative.

8.请投递中英文简历,Send your complete Chinese and English personal resume to us