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运营会计高级经理Operation Accounting SM

Job Description

职责表述 /Responsibility Description

1. 会计业务Accounting operations

领导下属进行A/R, A/P的帐龄分析,以及与第三方的对帐工作。理顺并简化财务会计及开票方面的日常记帐工作以及定期报告。确保逾期帐与可疑帐处理得当

Lead team members to prepare A/R, A/P aging analysis and bal. reconciliation with 3rd parties. Rationalizing and simplifying day-to-day accounting workflows and periodical reports in the fields of financial accounting and invoicing. Ensure proper treatment of over – aged/ doubtful accounts

2. 会计及报告Accounting and reporting

按照外部会计制度(如中国/美国会计准则,国际会计准则)向股东,以及按照内部制定的报告制度提供有关经销商/客户帐户及激励措施的准确有效的信息。对应收帐进行帐龄分析,及余额调节。Prepare meaningful, relevant information and the shareholders in accordance with external requirements (e.g. PRC, US-GAAP and IFRS accounting policies) or internally designed reporting standards regarding dealer/customer accounts and incentive schemes. Prepare receivable aging analysis and reconciliation

3. 信贷控制及回收Credit control and collection:



Basic accounting processing of sales, A/R and selling expense. Control and analyze A/R and selling expense. Control and track incentive expense based on budget Vs. actual

Review receive process based upon vouchers and evidences approved pertinently under an effective internal control system

4. 支付控制Payment Control


Timely and accurate A/P bookkeeping. A/P aging analysis. Timely A/P balance reconciliation with suppliers. Provide G&A daily expenses payment and analysis

5. 成本核算及存货控制Costing & Inventory Control


Complete cost accounting and A/P for material. Making and checking detailed inventory list. Coordinating with procurement and warehouse to ensure correct material costing procedures.

6. 会计政策与程序Accounting policy & procedure



For AP: set up proper inventory and cost accounting process and guidelines to ensure the recording of outstanding invoices and proper valuation of inventory

For AR: establish and update policies & procedures of the Company’s sales accounting, receivable and invoicing cycle and follow-up of doubtful accounts

7. 工作流程/效率提高Work process/efficiency improvement



Lead cross department process such as pricing and cost control

To create the right and efficient work procedures for all treasury and cash management activities and documentations as future/staff references. Improve existing processes to ensure cost savings and efficiency improvements to the company as a whole.

8. 其他会计事项Other accounting project


To participate and provide expertise in any special assignment as needed.

9. 人员管理Personnel management

对财务及会计部门的员工进行管理,激励及培训,以更好地完成职能部门的职责并使员工得到个人发展。Managing, motivation and training employees in the Finance and Accounting area in order to achieve optimum results with regard to the objectives of the function an the personal development of employees

10.质量体系及CCC体系QMS & CCC system

贯彻落实质量管 理体系及CCC体系要素的相关责任。 Play roles and responsibilities as required in quality management system and CCC system.

11. 人力资源管理HRM

实施在职能权责内的人力资源管理,优化人力资源配置。 Manage manpower resource and optimize allocation of manpower within the scope of PE function.


任职资格/Job qualification:

1.       教育水平本科及以上学历,有CPA执照更佳,Bachelor degree CPA preferable (应为国内211院校或同类标准的海外院校,优先考虑出国留学生)

Education: From 211-Engineering Universities of China or similar standards institutions overseas,Students studied abroad is prefered.

2.       专业: 会计及相关专业

Major: Accounting and related majors

3.       经验: 熟悉会计标准(中国会计准则),有在汽车行业工作经历最佳,5-10年工作经验熟悉SAP系统

experience : Accounting standard – PRC GAAP especially in automotive business, 5-10 years work, SAP experience

4.       知识: 精通记帐及财务会计实务,了解市场环境, 英语书写及会话能力

Know how : advanced knowledge of bookkeeping, financial accounting and local market understanding, Written and spoken English language

5.     技能职称: 熟悉MS Office 以及 SAP系统的使用, 良好的英语口语及书写能力

Skill and technical title: Software, MS Office and SAP, excellent written and spoken English language.

6.     培训经历: 财务会计及SAP技能培训

Training: Finance Accounting and SAP professional training

7.       能力素质: 具有较强的领导、管理、判断、沟通、分析、协调能力

Competence: Strong leadership, management, judgment, communication , analysis and coordination capabilities