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New Energy department Leader

Job Description

Job Description: 职责职责: 
1.Being the leader for the New Business Department responsible for the overall management of the Department, and report to Managing Director. 作为新能源部门领导,负责部门内全部管理工作,并向总裁汇报。 
2.Responsible for the recruitment and the training of new employee, developing of business capability and the work quality of the Department. Making annual employee performance evaluation of the Department. 负责部门新员工招聘及培训,提升部门业务能力及工作质量。负责部门员工年度绩效考核。 
3.Responsible for collecting new technologies information and technologies promotion of the related business under new business department in China market.负责收集新技术的信息,以及推广新能源部门有关技术在中国市场的技术推广。 4.Making business plan together with department member and headquarter including the selection of technology for promotion, marketing, client/partner selection, sales strategy, sales work split, and execution time plan etc. 与总部、部门内共同制定商业计划,包括所要推广新技术的选定、市场宣传、客户及合作伙伴选择、销售策略、销售人员分配、时间计划等。 
5.Responsible for the technical and commercial communication and negotiation of new technologies in China market. 新技术在中国推广过程中的相关技术和商务交流,参与合同谈判。
6.Exploring network and developing new business model to speed up commercialization of new technologies in China, including but not limited to communication with relevant industry association and design institutes, participation in relevant conferences. 拓展更广的联系和开发新颖的合作经营模式,加速推广新技术在中国应用,包括但不限于广泛联系相关行业协会和设计院,出席相关种行业会议。 7.Responsible for the work assignment and giving guideline and training to employee under department, making department annual Marketing &Sales plan and doing evaluation and adjustment. 负责本部门的员工的工作安排和业务指导/业务培训,组织制定本部门的年度推广/销售计划,并定期评估和调整更新。 
8.Supporting the headquarter project team in activities relevant for contract execution. 协助总部项目团队进行合同执行。 
9.Coordinating the technical proposal manager’s activities in relation to Sales work and coordinating the technical site support manager’s task assignment. 协调技术计算人员对销售的支持和售前活动的参与,协调售后现场服务人员的工作安排。 10.Assist other relevant work about new technologies required by headquarter,including but not limited to market investigation, business development. 协助总部其他与新技术有关的工作,包括但不限于市场调查、业务开发。 
11.Other tasks arranged by Managing Director. 总裁交办的其他工作。 

Qualification: 资格要求:
 1.Tertiary education in chemical engineering/environmental engineering. Post graduate in Business Administration or Marketing will be an advantage; 具有化工工程/环境工程的高等教育背景。如也有商务管理或市场开发方面的教育经历更佳。 2.Proven track record of sales/business development in China. Prior working experience and having established contacts in stated owned chemistry industry in China will be advantageous; 具有在中国的销售/业务拓展方面的良好业绩。和中国国有化工企业有过合作经验并建立良好关系的优先考虑。 
3.At least 10 years working experience preferred, experience as business team leader; 至少10年以上工作经验,有担任业务团队领导的经历; 
4.Be able to lead, motivate and coach team members to grow the business in China. 能够带领,激发和指导团队成员一起拓展中国的业务; 
5.Good sales and relationship building skills, results-oriented 良好的销售和关系建立技巧, 注重工作成效; 
6.A good cross function team player; 良好的跨部门的团队合作意识 7.Fluency in both English and Chinese 中英文熟练