Job Description

Job Description            

To make the Project Plan based on the Sales Contract.

     To build up the Project File.

     Comprehensive Management and Control on the Project Time Schedule, Cost and Quality.

     Payment Collection based on the Sales Contract.

     To make the Purchase Request, coordinate on the Placing the Purchase Order and Delivery on time with suitable quality with the Purchase Department.

     To coordinate with Engineering Department to provide technical documents on time based on Project Plan.

     To organize and Participant DLM based on the Contract.

     To understand the Site Progress and communicate with Site Engineer to solve the Site Issues.

     To coordinate with Client, PDI, Supervision, Installation Company and build up good relation with them.

     To fulfill a contractual obligation to oversee the implementation of the contract, the project manager handling the contract to change the identity of the parties to the contract, the use of contract legally binding means, to the parties to unify their project objectives and terms of the contract

     To accomplish the temporary job from the superior and to assist other colleagues to reach department target.


Qualification        

Bachelor or above degree on the machinery, Electricity or Automation or other relate field.

     Project Management Experience on Electricity, Chemical or other field. Electricity Preferential.

     Some knowledge on the thermal.

     Good Communication Skill.

     Travel Frequently

     English Fluent