Software Development Engineer

Job Description

Key Deliverables:

1. design and architect features related to the existing application. We expect you to . Code, develop, own modules end to end and take pride in the work products you ship.

2. Lead from the front, when it comes to delivering high quality work products. Serve as a mentor to the team members

3. Create and define performance metrics. Ideate, innovate and hack through the existing systems to improve performance.

4. Perform code reviews, set coding practices and guidelines within the team.

5. Make sense of the product specs, be nimble in getting the issues resolved. Be a thought leader.


Skills required (Technical, soft skills, specific tools, personality traits)

1. Solid understanding and knowledge of Java. You should understand concepts of multithreading, I/O, messaging, instrumentation etc and their implementation in Java/Any other Object Oriented Language.

2. Proficiency in implementation of algorithms and use of advanced data structures to solve problems in computing. A solid foundation in principles of computer science is desired.

3. Ability to write clean, modular and loosely coupled code by the use of design patterns.

4. Should be able to break down and architect complex software system. 

5. Strong decision-making ability

6. Strong Problem Solving and debugging/troubleshooting skills.

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