Supply Chain Director

Job Description

Responsible for the planning activities at the factory level through AOP, SIOP and MPS, for the coordination and development of the customer relations team, the coordination of the warehouse and inventory activity, the execution of the daily and weekly deliveries plan and the tracking of the performance indicator Delivery to the customer.

• Coordinates and executes the AOP (Annual Operating Plan) and SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) process;

• Ensures the alignment of the factory with the European reporting requirements (capacities, inventory, etc.);

• Maintains the permanent relationship with the clients to establish and follow the orders and the modifications requested by them;

• Leads the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) process;

• Integrates the production planning system (MPS) into the European planning process;

• Establishes and implements the strategy for improving the physical flow, including transport, storage, packaging, identification, labeling;

• Responsible for achieving the factory objectives regarding inventory management;

• Coordinates all logistics, purchasing, planning and customer delivery activities from the factory;

• Responsible for achieving the customer delivery performance objective

• Member of the Action Committee for the implementation, coordination and maintenance of the environmental management system and responsible for the environment for the supply department;

• Responsible for monitoring and meeting the specific objectives of the department, according to the environmental management system;

• Elaborates for its area of ​​activity the annual plan of operations and the necessary budget and ensures its implementation after approval;

• Responsible for complying with the working instructions and the internal order regulation at the supply department level;

• Manages the environmental management program within the department: elaboration of procedures, management, control and verification of the use of all documents;

• Participates in the analysis sessions on the status and adequacy of the quality system;

• Proposes to the Human Resources department the organization of professional courses for subordinate staff and the list of participants in these courses; approves the proposals in this regard submitted by subordinates.


Performance criteria:

• Customer delivery performance

• Performing MPS

• Value days’ inventory

• The cost of transport as a percentage of sales



Bachelor's degree

Around 10 years of relevant functions in Integrated Supply Chain in Automotive

Significant experience in Supervision/Managerial role

Excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills

Advanced knowledge of English language (written and verbal communication)

Experience in managing 3rd party service suppliers



Think independently and handle multiple projects through to completion

Excellent collaboration and influence with management and cross function teams

Independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, analytical ability and professional demeanor

Ability to lead people/team and engage/mentor staffs

Excellent oral and written communication skills

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