Mobile Product Manager

Job Description


  1. Identifies goals, metrics and analytics to determine product value; continually makes recommendations and refinements to the product backlog based on learnings
  2. Monitors research as well as the competitive landscape to recommend the best solutions and ensure that products remain or become best in class
  3. Translates business goals and end user needs into product strategy; communicates direction and product priorities to the development team, other matrixed teams, and third-party partners
  4. Ensures that product directions balance both the user needs and business goals of driving sales, improving efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction
  5. Following an iterative design and development process, drive the execution, delivery, and outcome of the product throughout the entire product lifecycle.
  6. Creates, prioritizes and accepts user stories; incorporate them into release planning
  7. Identifies and considers pros, cons, issues, obstacles, dependencies and value associated with features and enhancements
  8. Participates in standups, iteration planning sessions, product demo, and retrospectives
  9. Condenses complex technical concepts into non-technical language for stakeholders
  10. Advocates for the end user and stakeholder by becoming associated with the product, empathizing with and understanding user needs Works with the product team to continuously assess progress, disseminate lessons learned, and understand next steps




  1. Bachelor of Science in Electrical, Computer, Information Technology or equivalent.
  2. 3+ years’ experience with mobile app product management and/or requirements development.
  3. Proven experience as Product Manager or Product Owner in a cross-functional team, dedicated to the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched mobile app used globally (multilingual and localized).
  4. Experience providing oversight of a large product, program
  5. Proven ability to work in a cross-functional team with designers, coders, integrators and business teams.
  6. Strong relationship building skills including the ability to relate constructively to all levels of an organization.
  7. Strong listening, written, and oral communication skills.




  1. Experience using Atlassian Jira Agile 
  2. Experience developing a product roadmap.
  3. Experience creating user experience (UX/UI) artifacts such as journey maps and wireframes.
  4. Experience modeling business or software processes
  5. Awareness of technology mediums (Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, iOS and Android SDKs).
  6. Awareness of user interface design guidelines (Apple HIG and Google Material Design).
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