Financial Controller /Financial Manager

Job Description

We are recruiting for a top quality medical service company with five years’ experience in Romania, and over 250 employees.

• Organizes and coordinates all the activities of the Financial-Accounting department, respecting the legal regulations in force.
• Ensures the preparation of monthly closure documents( incomes and outcomes) and  the budget calculation of the main financial-economic  indicators; balance sheet, profit, cash flow statement, annual accounts notes.
• Organizes and ensures the reflection of the economic achievements and results of the company based on the preparation of the financial situations.
• Performs monthly liquidity analysis and proposes measures to accelerate the rotation speed of
current assets.
• Ensures the permanent maintenance of the company's payment capacity and the fulfillment of the obligations towards the company’s creditors• Supervise the performance of the contracts with the company's suppliers and respect the clauses contained in them.
• Check the due dates of invoices and makes online payments for the company's suppliers.
• Follows the CASMB settlement receipts for the monthly services performed and capitalizes the amounts received.
• It ensures the payment in due time of the obligations of the company to the state budget and to other institutions.
• Signs, together with the Deputy General Manager, the company's payments within the limits of the powers granted.
• Supervises all patrimonial operations having the obligation to refuse those that contravene the legal provisions.
• Organizes, manages and controls the annual general inventory of the heritage.
• Ensures rigorous observance of the legal provisions regarding the integrity of the patrimony in its own field of activity and take all legal measures for its reintegration in case it was damaged.
• Maintains liaison with banks and other financial institutions.
• Elaborates reports on the profitability of the activities, the evolution of the money accumulation, the structure of the expenses
materials and other economic-financial indicators.
• Elaborates any report at the request of the direct superior or the shareholder.
• Maintains liaison with tax consultants.
• Coordinates the annual audit activity and any other inspection by the relevant authorities.
• Permanently follows the legislation in the financial-accounting field and ensures it’s compliance.

1. Level of education:
• Studies: Higher education: financial-economic specialty;
2. Qualification required:
• Strong knowledge of tax legislation;
• Knowledge of English at an advanced level;
• PC operation: Word, Excel, financial-accounting management programs, preferably Charisma.
3. Experience:
• Experience: minimum 3 years in the financial-accounting field;

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