Railways Superintendent construction engineer

Job Description

Company's ongoing project example in Railway :

1 – Railway project - 22 km of railway line with a 300 mp of bridge and construction stations etc.

A large and interesting project that includes all the components from earthworks, railway works, infrastructure and construction of stations.

2 – Military base - a very large project, involves earthworks, construction, residential buildings, marine works and a pier.

3 – Coastal protection - marine works, marine structures based on rocks and stones. This project involves a lot of equipment and logistics


Key Responsibility

Fully responsible of the segment of his project's compliance with predefined goals regarding content, schedule, budget and quality to the full satisfaction of the customer


Main responsibilities

1. Help the team and Project Manager in relationship with the client that will lead to the success of the current project and increase the chances for future projects

2. Help PM in planning at the level of detail required to ensure the success of the project

3. work with the Intelligent and effective allocation and management of resources.

4. Full commitment of the entire project team to the project and its goals.

5. Synchronization between all the parties involved in the project as required for its success

6. Cooperate with all subcontractors and suppliers

7. Comply to the safety and quality control programs

8. Alert PM on problems that he can not solve

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