Roads Project Manager

Job Description

Key Responsibility

Fully responsible for the project's compliance with predefined goals regarding content, schedule, budget and quality to the full satisfaction of the customer

Main responsibilities


1. Managing a relationship with the client that will lead to the success of the current project and increase the chances for future projects

2. Implementation of planning at the level of detail required to ensure the success of the project

3. Intelligent and effective allocation and management of resources.

4. Full commitment of the entire project team to the project and its goals.

5. Coordination and synchronization between all the parties involved in the project as required for its success

6. Management of all subcontractors and suppliers

7. Regular monitoring and control, and the externalization of status to the Company's management

8. Management of project content and changes in a meticulous but smart way

9. Implementation of safety and quality control programs

10. Alert supervisor on problems that he can not solve

11. Assistance in closing contract documentation , clear definition of project goals and content

12. An organized and functioning work site

13. Ongoing management vis-à-vis supervision

14. Build work manager programs

15. Recruitment of local personnel

16. Control of quantity and quality of materials supplied to the site


Reports to

Operations Manager


Measured For

1. Meeting timetables for all milestones

2. Compliance with the engineering demands and standards

3. Meeting the project budget

4. Meeting high quality standards

5. Meeting other predefined success indicators

6. Compliance with customer expectations and performance norms.

8. Few Escalations \ crisis.

9. Sense of belonging and pride of project team

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