Job Description

1.Under the leadership of the superintendent, together with the team to complete the tasks assigned, to organize the team members to maximize the throughput, focus on product quality as the value , to improve operating environment and team member's medarbetare, to ensure the implementation and enforcement of workshop tasks在生产经理的领导下,带领团队完成上级下达的各项任务。组织本区域人员,最大限度地完成车间的生产任务,以产品质量为工作核心,改善员工操作环境,提高员工士气,保证车间工作任务在区域的实施和执行。

1. Organizing the team member to complete production tasks in accordance with the quality and throughput requirements 组织区域人员,保质保量完成生产任务
2. Responsible for the correct implementation of the process 负责工艺的正确执行
3. Responsible for the achievement of QCDISME indicators负责QCDISME各项指标的达成
4. Assist the process engineer to continuously optimize the process and technology协助工艺工程师,不断优化本区域工艺
5. Monitor and coach the subordinates.监督和指导下级开展工作
6.Stick to the company "5S" standard with on-site management of inspection, monitoring and rectification, creating a good working environment, to ensure the vehicle quality. 严格按照公司“5S”标准进行现场管理,对现场进行检查、督促整改,创造良好的工作环境,确保品质保证.
1. Junior college or above, Welding, Automobile , Manufacture , Machinery or other related major
2. The experience in related jobs of more than 6 years

3. Average command of English.


4.Have experience of OEM