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职位职责描述Job Description


Be responsible for legal affairs of MSS and IPR as well, and assist Sr. Legal Manager to manage Legal Dept. affairs.


主要工作内容Major Responsibilities

·         反垄断合规工作,包括应对国家机关反垄断调查、各类合同和商务公告反垄断合规评审、反垄断法律法规研究与培训;

Antitrust law compliance, including coping with antitrust investigations by authorities, reviewing diverse contracts and commercial bulletins and antitrust law research and training;

·         负责产品责任诉讼与争议,参加快速反应小组工作及召回;

To handle product liability litigations and disputes, participate in Fast Response Team and support recall ;

·         市场广告、宣传合法性评审,处理行政执法调查;

Legal compliance review of marketing advertising, promotion and handle administrative enforcement investigations;

·         知识产权,包括专利、商标等;

Intellectual Property, including patent and trademark issues etc.;

·         销售公司相关合同,如批售项目合同、经销商销售与服务协议等;

Contracts related to Sales Branch such as fleet sales projects agreements, DSSA;

·         协助处理部门建设和团队管理工作;

Assist in team development and department affairs


主要内、外部客户Main Inside & outside customer

内部客户:销售公司、质量部、公关部、制造部/技术研发  Sales Branch, Quality, PA, Manufacture/TDC

外部客户: 国家发改委、工商局、法院、专利局、商标局、母公司等 NDRC, AIC, Court, Patent Bureau, Trademark Office,  parent companies etc.


绩效评估标准Performance evaluation standards

·         反垄断合规管理流程 Antitrust compliance management process

·         产品责任案件处理报告和结果  Report and result of product liability cases

·         市场宣传合法性审查状况 Legal compliance situation of marketing advertising

·         经销商协议与争议处理情况 The situation of handling agreements and disputes with dealers

·         所带领团队的发展状况 The team development


任职条件Post Qualifications

·         中国或国外一流法学院大学本科或硕士研究生;

Bachelor degree or master degree in major of law in the leading law schools of China or foreign countries or regions;

·         在著名律师事务所或大型公司从事法律工作(本科7年及以上或硕士研究生5年及以上),曾在制造业(汽车行业)工作更佳;

Practice as external lawyer  in famous law firms or inhouse counsel in large companies (7 years’ or more as bachelor or 5 years’ or more as master), having experience in manufacturing industries (automobile industry) is preferred;

·         熟悉反垄断法、与销售相关的法律法规、产品质量法及知识产权法

Proficiency in antitrust law, distribution regulations, product quality law and IPR laws.

·         成熟、优秀的职业素养,良好的沟通和协作能力和团队精神;

Mature and good professionalism, good communication and team work;

·         有带领团队经验或具备该潜力并愿意带领团队;

Having experience in leading a group or having potentiality and be willing to lead a group;

·         愿意并有能力去接受内外挑战和工作压力;

Be capable and willing to take challenges and pressure of working, no matter internal or external;

·         良好的英语听说读写能力。

Excellent English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

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